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SQFlash are a full range of flash storage products which are available in different interfaces like: Disk-on-Module (DOM), Flash Card, or Solid State Drive (SSD) with PATA, SATA, and even with native PCI express transfer protocols. We are committed to product longevity and fixed specification support for up to 3 years as your industrial design-in partner of choice.

Advantech SQFlash was verified with all Advantech platforms and fully tested in rugged environments to ensure its high compatibility and reliability. In order to keep data integrity and extend flash lifespans, protection mechanisms such as Power Failure Protection and Global Wear-leveling algorithms were implemented to the entire product series. The end user can also access information about their flash memory through the SQFlash Utility software package to make ensure their system is healthy and functioning at its optimum performance.

SQFlash Utility software package was developed by Advantech to deliver an assortment of unique and value-added software functions. Besides flash health and life monitoring, it also comes with advanced security functions. Flash Security ID is a security function that helps protect Intellectual property and valuable data. The Flash Lock utility locks the SQFlash to a corresponding platform so it cannot be accessed by any other platforms, and the latest Emergency Erase function can quickly and deeply wipe the drive, including control firmware at any critical moment.

Advantech SQFlash was designed with industrial operation in mind and provides highly reliable flash memory solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security. Designing your application with SQFlash will decrease integration effort significantly and increase overall system stability.

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