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AMiS-50 Integrated Medical Cart Optimizes Patient Care at Chengdu First People’s Hospital

The Chengdu First People's Hospital of Shuangliu County was established in 1943, and it now serves well over half a million patients per year. In 2012, the hospital processed 520,050 outpatients, 27,900 inpatients, and 48,000 emergencies; 6710 surgeries were performed, and the physical examination station handled 49,000 patients. The Hospital has 23 Class A clinical units, 76 Class B clinical pathways, 7 medical technology units, and 25 functional units, and there are 15 wards in the inpatient department.
With that kind of patient load, naturally the pressure to optimize workflow is constant. In order to help streamline medical services, Chengdu First People’s Hospital adopted an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system, and along with that system, they were interested inelectronic medical carts. They found some carts made in China that had an extremely attractive price. Ever concerned to keep expenses under control, the hospital went ahead and adopted these carts. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that these low-priced wonders didn’t satisfy minimum criteria for reliability, safety, ease of use, or even battery certifications.

To solve the problem, the hospital went looking for a new, higher quality solution that could meet the needs of this mission-critical medical environment. Finally they found AMiS-50 integrated medical carts. AMiS-50 carts are medical-certified to ensure safety for all concerned, patients and medical workers alike. They also feature an integrated design and boast a convenient, on-site repair service, which saves time for IT personnel. TheAMiS-50is designed as an industrial PCwith enhanced Internet; the strong signal strength ensures constant connectivity. Modularized design offers an intelligent upgrade path, flexibility, and customization, all of which make the AMiS-50 an attractive, long-term solution for hospitals and clinics. And AMiS_Link, the application for intelligent power management, makes remote monitoring easier for Chengdu First People’s three-person IT department.


The hospital uses the AMiS-50 for EMR (Electronic Medical Records), CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry), and as a mobile workstation for doctors and clinicians. It enhances the patient care process and eases the pressures on clinicians, as well as helping to optimize the "five rights" of medication administration (right patient, right drug, right dosage, right route, and right time). The AMiS-50 allows clinicians to spend more actual time with their patients.


•Integrated design and on-site repair save time for IT personnel.
•Complies with IEC-60601-1 medical certifications. Delivers real peace of mind.
•Designed as an industrial PC with dual wireless antennas. Strong signal strength enhances reliability.
•Modularized design offers an intelligent upgrade path, flexibility, and customization, all of which make it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics.
•AMiS-Link, the remote management application, makes it easy for the IT staff (of three persons) to keep track of AMiS units throughout the hospital.