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Advantech Delivers Smart Hospital Solutions to King Khalid University Hospital

In 1982, the King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH), a dedicated university hospital was opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The hospital operates an 800 bed facility providing general and sub-specialty medical services, providing primary and secondary care services for Saudi patients from the Northern Riyadh area, and tertiary care to all Saudi citizens on a referral basis. Hospital management was interested in finding a flexible, computerized nursing cart which would give staff the ability to check patient vital signs; verify treatment orders; confirm medication and patient information; and check test and exam results. In patient wards, management wanted to introduce a patient infotainment solution which would serve a dual-role, appealing to patients by giving them entertainment choices, and giving medical staff bedside accessto data.
After strict evaluations, KKUH chose the Advantech AMiS-50 integrated medical Cart with a PDC-W215 Display. The AMiS-50 integrated medical cart features an ergonomic and seamless design for ease of use, easy maintenance, and effective infection control. The modular design offers an intelligent upgrade path, better flexibility, and many customization options, making it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics. The PDC-W215 has a 21.5” LCD display which is designed specifically for clinical use. In the wards, hospital management selected the PIT-1503W. This gave patients and staff access to a 15.6” display with a full set of accessories that cater to applications that enhance a patient’s well-being, including a handset, RFID, a smart card reader, a barcode scanner, and a magnetic stripe reader.
AMiS-50 provides the hospital with an integrated solution. It has a motorized lifter which adjusts height electrically and big casters to navigate the different floor types in the hospital. The advanced battery keeps it safe and in service throughout the day. PDC-W215 is durably built, with a clinical-ready display featuring an 8-bit Look-Up Table (LUT). PIT-1503W is used by the hospital to provide patients with various entertainment programs such as TV, movies or computer games. Patients can easily communicate with families via the internet using the built-in camera and WiFi or Ethernet connection. Positive ID recognition using RFID or a smart card limits access to confidential patient data to qualified caregivers. The systems are medically-certified and designed especially for healthcare providing the hospital with the smart tools needed to collect data, interface with existinghospital informationsystems, and enhance the quality of healthcare provided to patients.
The hospital is pleased with the implementation and has plans for a second phase. Several key benefits of the project are: 
  • Optimizing the patient care process and easing the demanding jobs of clinicians to reserve more time for patients
  • Ease of use, easy maintenance, and effective infection control
  • Real-time access to the EMR for patient monitoring
  • Enriching the patient stay by offering an interactive, multimedia terminal