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Advantech Delivers Advanced Mobile PACS Viewing System to Hanyang University Guri Hospital

Hanyang University Guri Hospital in Korea, was founded in October 1995. It operates 610 beds as a branch of the Hanyang University Hospital. It is an immensely successful medical center with a positive ideology: “Practice of Love and practicing love through medical activities.” The hospital operates with the most advanced medical technologies on the market. The staff is very knowledgeable, its experience seasoned through work at both the Hanyang University Medical Center and the Seoul Hospital. In 2003, the hospital implemented a PACS system, to enhance the quality of medical service and increase patient satisfaction. In 2006, they added an image EMR system, and in 2007, an Electronic Medical Card system. The hospital prides itself on continuous process and equipment improvement, endeavoring to provide the most technically advanced services to residents in the northeastern part of Seoul, in Guri, and in Namyangju.

The Hanyang University Guri Hospital has a very busy emergency room with 65 beds. Speed of care is the key to this critical environment. To save time, the hospital wanted to implement a mobile solution that would allow physicians to view PACS at the bedside instead of having to return to the nurse station. Both the stability of the system and the speed of data retrieval are very important to the application. A system breakdown during an emergency could be a matter of life or death to the patient. For this reason, the hospital enlisted the help of a PACS engineer. The engineer will be onsite 24/7 during the installation to ensure smooth and uninterrupted software operation. The hospital has specified the need for highly-stable, high performance computers with touchscreen displays to support the application needs.
The system adopted by the hospital is built with Advantech’s AMiS-50, a computerized nursing cart with an electrically adjustable motor lifter to control height. The display is an Advantech PDC-W215, 21.5" LCD monitor designed for clinical use. AMiS-50 has two strong antennas integrated into the unit under the work surface for stable network connectivity. The system delivers fast data processing from a high-performance Intel® Core™ i7 processor. AMiS connects with the existing hospital infrastructure, receiving PACS data from any location within WiFi range. Physicians can retrieve PACS data and display it on screen right at the bedside. The solution augments immediate decision support during emergencies, saves time, and improves quality of care.
Advantech AMiS with PDC touchscreen display exceeded Hanyang University Hospital’s expectations. AMiS met the hospital requirements to create a mobile PACS enabled system with fast, reliable retrieval. What’s more, the integrated design of AMiS came as an added bonus, enhancing infection control by allowing staff to easily clean the cart and leaving more time available for patient care.

The physician in charge was very happy with Advantech's solution and was looking forward to using it to provide better patient care. Here are some of the benefits hospital staff noted:
  •  Reading PACS at the bedside for improved efficiency
  •  Fast PACS data retrieval speed
  •  Great infection control, being able to clean the unit quickly
  •  Compact, easy to move around the Emergency Room
  •  Good communication and service done by Advantech sales team