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Power Saving Homes

As the planet gets more crowded homes are going to get smaller. In cities this is likely to mean that tower blocks will get taller and more apartments will be crowded into the same space. In less densely populated areas, where zoning laws restrict the height of buildings compact homes are becoming more popular, especially when it comes to first time homes which can be more expensive than many can afford.
This combination of compact, affordable homes is gaining traction and because these homes may not be connected to the grid some advanced building technology can help to use the minimum amount of energy.
One of the most popular methods for compact modular housing is the use of shipping containers. These solid steel structures have many advantages for new home owners and potential builders. Their steel is designed to be rust resistant and they have four reinforced corners which, when in normal operation, enable many units to be stacked on top of one another.Aquick Google search will bring up many examples of container homes in various styles. Often however, one of the reasons for building a container home is to avoid zoning regulation and therefore these homes may not be connected to local amenities like water and electricity.
We’re all familiar with solar panels and windmills, these items will help with the power, but sewage and freshwater are another thing altogether.
Small home sewage systems like this one, will take all black water i.e. toilets and grey water i.e. washing up and shower water and convert it into water that is clean enough to water plants with.
But what’s really needed are low power devices to make the most of the fluctuating availability of power. USB power is being used to power computers and tablets from which you can watch the TV and play music, so that takes care of the entertainment; thissolar cooker, can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, even if you don’t have the space for eight people inside you can cook for them outside; but you still need to clean your clothes and what is much lower power than this peddle power tub washer?
Ultimately small homes may not suit everyone, but with young couple struggling to get onto the housing ladder and being forced to pay large amounts of rent whilst they save up for their own properties, compact housing may just be the technological answer.