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【Cold Chain】Quality Assurance with Cold Chain Management



Cold chain management is a highly specialized field that involves maintaining a temperature-controlled supply chain from the time that products are manufactured until the time they are used. An effective cold chain extends the product shelf life and ensures that the product remains safe for consumption. Advantech DLoG is proud to develop fleet management solutions that enhance the safety, efficiency, and profitability of cold chain operations. Equipped with temperature sensors and built-in GNSS, WLAN or Bluetooth, CDMA, and HSPA+ modules, Advantech DLoG’s mobile data terminals (MDTs) TREK-722/723 enable real-time communication, data transfers, and vehicle diagnostics and temperature monitoring, making them ideal in-vehicle solutions for cold chain transportation fleets.


Advantech DLoG’s cold chain transportation management system comprises TREK-722/723 MDTs, driver identity card reader, temperature sensor, rear door sensor with camera, and offer the following seven functionalities: temperature monitoring for quality control, data collection and storage for protection from liability, location positioning for fleet tracking and real-time traffic updates, driving behavior monitoring, driver productivity, vehicle diagnostics, such as wear and tear, oil level, tire pressure, gear, pedal position, acceleration and brake condition, to facilitate maintenance.


Advantech DLoG TREK-722/723 MDTs are all-in-one RISC-based platforms equipped with a 5"/7" liquid crystal display with strengthened resistive touchscreen. Aimed at cold chain transportation applications, TREK-722/723 can be used to monitor vehicle mileage, route, speed, braking behavior, oil levels, tire pressure, and fuel consumption, as well as driver duty and rest hours to ensure compliance with relevant safety and hours-of-service regulations. The programmable function key and built-in GNSS, WLAN or BT, CDMA, and HSPA+ modules make TREK-722/723 suitable for local fleet management, particularly small trucks and intercity delivery services. These MDTs can also be paired with software to automate laborious logging and tracking tasks, thereby enhancing the management of complex fleet operations.

Additionally, fleet managers can remotely activate TREK-722/723 via SMS to access the vehicle data. When drivers are outside the vehicle or the engine is turned off, fleet managers typically cannot access the vehicle status or system data. With the suspend/resume functions of TREK-722/723, 24/7 monitoring is supported via periodic, digital input, or WWAN wakeup. Furthermore, if the vehicle door is opened without authorization, the door sensor will trigger an event for the alarm system to inform the dispatch operator responsible for asset security.


Advantech DLoG’s in-vehicle mobile computing system is a comprehensive fleet management solution that provides the following benefits:

  • Highly integrated terminals developed for fleet management applications
  • Reduced need for software development, resulting in a faster time-to-market
  • Improved efficiency for fleet managers and route planners
  • Enhanced driver productivity and efficiency
  • Well-rested drivers operating well-maintained equipment enhances road safety
  • Enables real-time communication and data transmissions between drivers andthe dispatch center
  • Collected data can be marketed for additional income