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Eye Robot

Industry FocusBy Advantech | 8/27/2014
Medical robots of the fully autonomous laser cutting type seen in sci-fi movies may be some way off, but for the last 30 years surgical robots have been slowly finding their way into operating theaters around the world.

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  • I can see clearly now

    I can see clearly now

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 7/24/2014
    Modern warehouses have a failure rate of just one percent of mispicked or misdelivered items, but when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of items and packages this amount adds up.
  • Leading Industrial PC Trends - Advantech's iDoor Technology Enables the Transformation of Computing Platforms

    Leading Industrial PC Trends - Advantech's iDoor Technology Enables the Transformation of Comput...

    VideoAdvantech | 7/17/2014
    In a rapidly changing age, there is a massive need of a platform with both flexibility and stability. Such a platform is now emerging. The transformation of Advantech’s industrial computing platform is evolving from standard products to highly industrial centered models. With Advantech’s...
  • Walk the line

    Walk the line

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 6/26/2014
    Since their inception in the 1950’s Automated guided vehicles (AGV) have come a long way and as with most technology the costs keep coming down. Where once these mobile robots were guided using magnetic strips along the floor, improved technology has freed them from their restrictive path and allows...
  • Games without Frontiers

    Games without Frontiers

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 5/13/2014
    To some, the idea of using robots to play games is a pleasant distraction, a nice idea to help students and hobbyists develop their engineering skills, but to others it’s a way of pushing the boundaries of robotics, that will ultimately deliver benefits to industries and manufacturing around t...
  • Industrial PC Trends

    WhitePaper 4/25/2014
    SUMMARY: Integrating better technology and automation into commercial products, manufacturing equipment, and test stations is an ongoing challenge yet a continuous process necessary to improve performance and profitability. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designers, system integrators, and eng...
  • [Webinar] Enabling Smart Factories - The changing manufacturing systems & factory facilities

    [Webinar] Enabling Smart Factories - The changing manufacturing systems & factory facilities

    VideoAdvantech | 4/2/2014
    Manufacturing factories are getting smarter and smarter. The transformation of productivity technology is evolving from solving visible problems to creating value by using smarter information and utilizing new methods & techniques to solve hitherto undiscovered problems. We’ll see many...
  • Wait a minute Mr. Postman

    Wait a minute Mr. Postman

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 4/1/2014
    In the USA mail hasn’t been sorted by hand since the 1957 when the first automated mail sorter was introduced. Back then operators still needed to read the destination and then type a sorting code which would send the letter to one of 300 chutes. By being able to sort 15,000 letters per hour it doub...
  • DAQNavi: Demonstrates  how to use Data Logger to record, display and playback the data which is acquired

    DAQNavi: Demonstrates how to use Data Logger to record, display and playback the data which is ...

    VideoAdvantech | 2/17/2014
    Advantech DAQNavi Data Logger is an easy-to-use application software that engineers can leverage to perform data logging, display and recording. Without spending any time programming, engineers can benefit from flexibility to acquire and store data from various Advantech data acquisition devices. Ad...
  • It’s all in the mind

    It’s all in the mind

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 2/13/2014
    Controlling objects using the mind has been the stuff of science fiction for a long time, but are we any closer to achieving it? We’re not talking telekinesis and being able to levitate objects and throw them around the room, but the idea that we can control machines through our mind and perfo...
  • The PPC-6150A/6170A - A Simple Solution for Machine Vision

    WhitePaperAdvantech | 2/6/2014
    As we know, machine vision inspection is the most efficient way to speed up production but the high entry costs and large space requirements are two major obstacles in the way of manufacturing automation. Advantech’s PPC-6150A/6170A have been designed to conquer these problems by combining hig...
  • Ethernet I/O Modules with Daisy Chain: ADAM-6200 Series Trainingkit
  • Automated Food/Beverage Production with Simplified Touch Control

    Automated Food/Beverage Production with Simplified Touch Control

    Case StudiesAdvantech | 12/25/2013
    hina’s growing domestic market has resulted in a two-digit growth of food & beverage processing and packaging equipment and has drawn many companies around the world to explore this huge developing market, including TCP Pioneer Co.Ltd, a liquid food and beverage manufacturing/packing facil...
  • Where’s the clickety-clack?

    Where’s the clickety-clack?

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 12/23/2013
    For years typists, computer operators and industrial operators have been used to the clickety-clack of their keyboards. The familiar soft feel of a keyboards keys, so much easier on the fingers than typewriters have echoed through offices and factories around the world for decades, but now there is...
  • Watch the Birdie

    Watch the Birdie

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 12/3/2013
    Whether your digital camera is on your cellphone, or you’re a hobbyist with a digital SLR the problem for manufacturers remains the same. In an industry where precision is essential, and it is felt that humans can do a better job than robots, the challenge is how to automate the assembly of the comp...
  • Foxy Robots

    Foxy Robots

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 11/4/2013
    In 2011 Hon Hai aka Foxconn aka the folks that build many of our electronic devices, suffered a bit of a PR nightmare, with their Chinese mainland workers having the unfortunate habit of choosing death rather than continue to work long hours in pretty difficult conditions. That’s the problem with hu...
  • Motion and Vision Control Combine to become Visual Servoing

    Motion and Vision Control Combine to become Visual Servoing

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 10/7/2013
    Traditionally motion control and vision control systems are separate beasts doing different jobs. But recent developments have worked to combine these two technologies into a single unit. Traditional motion robots are often preprogrammed arms that carry out a wide range of tasks such as the placing...
  • Will Robots Dream?

    Will Robots Dream?

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 9/2/2013
    The robots in our factories are quite “dumb”, they receive information from programs and carry out that task and occasionally make “yes” “no” sorts of decisions, whether it’s collecting goods from a shelf or welding one part onto another. This is all well and good, but what if we want our robots to...
  • Touch Screens – Present and Future

    Touch Screens – Present and Future

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 8/5/2013
    We’re all familiar with touchscreens. Once restricted to high-tech kiosks now every mobile phone, GPS, tablet has one and without them we’d all be lugging around much heavier devices. The big advance in touch screen technology in recent years has been multitouch, where screens recognize two or more...
  • A Robust Panel PC for Intelligent Tightening Machine in an Automobile Assembly Factory (Shandong Chunlong Group)

    A Robust Panel PC for Intelligent Tightening Machine in an Automobile Assembly Factory (Shandong...

    Case StudiesAdvantech | 6/17/2013
    As China becomes one of the world’s largest auto markets, the relevant manufacturing industries are also booming; leading to a strong demand for highly accurate manufacturing machines. During the assembly process in an automotive plant, bolt tightening is a critical task to ensure car safet...
  • Introducing DAQNavi

    Introducing DAQNavi

    VideoDAQNavi | 6/5/2013
    With the latest Advantech’s DAQNavi, you now can develop your data acquisition and control systems more efficiently and take system performance to the next level. Advantech’s DAQNavi focuses on its ability to make the user experience much easier and more intuitive while at the same ti...
  • Getting the wider picture and benefit from it

    WhitePaper 4/19/2013

    This white paper will examine why display changes are happening, explore what the benefits can be, examine what is needed for a successful implementation, and conclude with a description of several examples of well-done widescreen HMIs

  • Advantech Syncing Motion Control Solutions

    Advantech Syncing Motion Control Solutions

    VideoAdvantech | 4/11/2013
    Advantech is committed to providing PC-based machine control solutions with distributed motion control technology and the best synchronization. Full machine control solutions range from distributed and centralized configuration, including a full EtherCAT solution, Soft Control to Advanced drive t...
  • Advantech DAQ Solution Meets Your Measurement Challenges

    Advantech DAQ Solution Meets Your Measurement Challenges

    VideoAdvantech | 4/11/2013
    As a leading supplier of data acquisition and control products worldwide, Advantech offers a wide range of I/O devices with various interfaces and functions based on PC technology. The devices and software are installed on your computer, transforming it into a PC-based data acquisition system....
  • Feature Story – Factory Automation

    Feature Story – Factory Automation

    Technology HighlightAdvantech | 3/27/2013
    The automation of factories has changed significantly over the years. From the first punch card automated looms to the earliest car factories manufacturers have been looking at getting their products made better, cheaper and faster. Whenever humans are involved in making things on a mass scale, e...
  • Automatic Gauging for Quality and Quantifiable Inspection

    Automatic Gauging for Quality and Quantifiable Inspection

    Case StudiesAdvantech | 3/26/2013

    For manufacturing activities that demand for highly precise gauging in order to improve production yield and maintain product quality, automatic inspection assisted by machine vision can always justify the capital investment on equipment.

  • The benefits of using Multitouch and Widescreen in Machine Automation

    The benefits of using Multitouch and Widescreen in Machine Automation

    Industry FocusAdvantech | 3/18/2013

    Industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface), has evolved to use the multi-touch capabilities that is now standard on smartphones. With multi-touch functionality, HMI is not only simplified , but also enhanced.

  • Machine Automation

    Machine Automation

    Advantech Machine Automation offers application ready platforms from industrial workstations, industrial-grade CPUs control motion, high quality industrial computers, serial device servers and automation controllers for centralized and distributed motion control solutions which could be widely applied in the SMT/PCB, ...
  • Automation Controllers

    Automation Controllers

    In the automation controller series, Advantech’s programmable automation controllers ( PACs) are open development environment PC-based controllers. These PACs are designed with the latest processing technology. Also, these PC-based controllers have a single platform with multi-disciplined automation controller ...
  • Embedded Automation Computers

    Embedded Automation Computers

    Advantech offers complete embedded automation computers with rugged and cableless designs, including fanless box PCs, industrial control devices. With compact and multiple IOs, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, each embedded automation platform is suitable for a wide variety of automation ...
  • Human Machine Interfaces

    Human Machine Interfaces

    With a complete range of intelligent operator panels, touch panel computers, industrial automation panel PCs, and industrial monitors, Advantech offers a wide range of human machine interface (HMI) products for industrial automation panel needs. The intelligent WebOP-2000 series of operator panels with WebOP Designer 2.0 ...
  • Compact System

    Compact System

    Compact system aims at machine automation applications such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Vision Inspection, all of which feature a small footprint, either with performance computing or low power consumption, intelligent management, security and longevity. With the latest, Intel® Core™ processors, they deliver ...
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Control

    Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Control

    Advantech is a global leader in plug-in IO card design and manufacturing, providing a full range of industrial data acquisition (DAQ) and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: data acquisition, monitoring, automation, test and measurement. There are five major categories: ...
  • Remote I/O Modules

    Remote I/O Modules

    Advantech is a global leader in data acquisition IO module design and manufacturing, offering complete stand-alone data acquisition modules which are broadly used in industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environment monitoring, and industrial process control. Advantech distributed IO modules are categorized ...
  • Industrial Communication

    Industrial Communication

    Advantech is a global leader in industrial communication, industrial Ethernet switches, data acquisition (DAQ), industrial computer and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: monitoring, motion control, data acquisition (DAQ), and automated testing. There are five major ...
  • Panel PC

    Panel PC

    Advantech panel PCs, including fanless panel PCs and other multifunctional panel PCs, combine a CPU board, LCD display, and user-friendly human machine interface touchscreen within a slick, compact chassis. Each fanless panel PC and other multifunctional panel PCs are compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer ...
  • Class I, Division 2 Solution

    Class I, Division 2 Solution

    Class I, Div 2 remote I/Os, such as CID2 monitors and CID2 solutions, have met the requirements of hazardous area computer such as explosion proof, oil field drilling, pump station monitoring, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, oil pipeline monitoring, tank storage monitoring, and fuel station management. Class I, ...
  • Server-grade IPC

    Server-grade IPC

    Advantech offers industrial servers, server boards, and server chassis. Our server systems deliver outstanding high-performance IPC, rigorous reliability, and scalability in rack-optimized enclosures. The industrial servers, server boards, and server chassis are designed with enterprise-class chipsets and cutting edge ...
  • Industrial Computer Chassis

    Industrial Computer Chassis

    Offers industrial computer chassis, rackmount chassis, to wall-mountable (desktop system) solutions that support single board computer (SBC) / motherboard form factors, such as ATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX, PICMG 1.0/1.3 full-size/half-size SBC, etc. IPC Chassis features include quiet system, redundant power supply, hot-...
  • Industrial Motherboards

    Industrial Motherboards

    Advantech ATX motherboard (MB) is built to a standard form factor, which allows customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility issues. The standard ATX mounting holes and I/O bracket area are ready-to-use, and reduce cabling as well as total cost. In addition, the life-cycle of a commercial motherboard is typically ...
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