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Pack up Your Troubles


Pack up Your Troubles


What with Cyber Monday, Black Friday and whatever other gimmicks the marketers will come up with too part us from our hard earned money, all the goods that we get delivered need to be packed and packaged before we get to open them. Not so long ago this was done by armies of workers who’d pick, box and seal thepackages before they were sent out. This, as with most manual labour, was time consuming, often in accurate and quite expensive and since many postal services now charge based on the size of the package rather than just the weight it was also getting more expensive to mail the goods.


But now automated packing equipment is not only speeding up the packing but is also helping to fold the boxes to the specific height of the goods inside and ensure that costly voidfill no longer needs to be used. Since goods come in different shapes and sizes fulfillment warehouses would often need many sizes of packaging or they’d use voidfill to fill the excess space, nowthe latest automated packaging equipment will use lasers to measure the height of the goods and fold the box down so the goods are packaged snuggly before the final lid is glued down and the addressees label is attached. To see how it works you can watch an explanatory video here.


More and more money is being spent online and it’s not only companies like Amazon that are benefiting from automated packaging, but as theeconomies of scale are reduced smaller retailers will be able to have their orders fulfilled automatically and therefore faster and more accurately.