Executive Team

  • KC Liu

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    1. Established Advantech in 1983
    2. Led Advantech to recognition as a Top 10 Taiwan Global Brand in 2004, 2008, and 2011
    3. Led Advantech to expand its sales and marketing network to 21 countries and 71 major cities

  • Chaney Ho

    1. One of the founding members of Advantech
    2. Awarded Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Professional for General Manager
    3. HP Taiwan Engineer and Manager

  • Eric Chen

    Vice President of Finance & IT
    1. Joined Advantech in 1994
    2. Built up the first e-mail system and implemented Advantech’s global IP-VPN/VOIP systems
    3. Integrated the SAP ERP system as a centralized operating infrastructure to streamline business processes and operational efficiency

  • Deryu Yin

    Vice President of Human Resources Dept
    1. MBA from Tulane University
    2. Worked for HP Taiwan for 25 years as Vice President for Human Resources and Vice President for Finances and Administration

  • Tim Chiang

    Associate Vice President of Manufacturing
    1. Joined Advantech in 2004
    2. Graduated from National Taiwan University Mechanical Engineering Department