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Process Visualization Solution - Charting & MES Analyzing Data for Production Optimization
  • Easily Integrated with MES by Open API
  • 100% Web based Dashboard
  • Facility & Equipment Management
This Solution Ready Platform allows users to easily collect data from shop-floor devices via multiple communications such as Modbus,
OPC UA, and MQTT and automatically generates Excel reports of production activities. A 100% web-based dashboard allows users to
view visual production information such as yield rate trends, equipment utilization or downtime alarms, available anytime on any mobile device supporting HTML5 browsers. Valuable information about field equipment, energy consumption and the environment can also be
integrated within the MES system via open interfaces including SQL database and RESTful/ SignalR API’s to help optimize production
planning and provide efficiency analysis improvements.

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Featured Highlights

  • Charting & MES Analyzing Data for Production Optimization

    Charting & MES Analyzing Data for Production Optimization

    See how this solution: - Data-driven Decision Making Data is collected accurately and automatically and the visualized information ties management decision making into analytical insight. - Enhanced Mobility of Supervisor Overview across complex production process and implementation of action on mobile terminals.