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OpenVPX CPU Blade with Intel® 4th/ 5th Generation Core® Processor
  • 4th/ 5th Generation Intel® Core® processor, up to 4 cores / 8 threads
  • Intel® QM87 PCH
  • Triple independent display support
  • OpenVPX MOD6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T-12.2.1-2 profile compliant
  • Onboard and SO-DIMM DDR3L-1600, up to 16 GB, with ECC support
  • TwoPCIEx8 ports on the data plane and two PCIex8 ports on the extension plane
  • Four 1000BASE-T ports on Base interface (two configurable to SERDES)
  • Two 1000BASE-T front panel ports
  • OneCFast and one onboard flash storage device
The MIC-6314 is Advantech’s next generation single processor 6U VPX blade, based on the Intel® 4th/ 5th Generation Core® and Xeon® E3 Lv4 embedded platform with the increased cache size and efficiency, as well as instruction set improvements. The MIC-6314 provides two PCIE x 8 ports in the VPX data plane and two PCI Express ports x8 lanes in the VPX expansion plane to enable the highest performance available in the 6U VPX form factor compute intense applications. These PCIE interfaces offer high speed up to PCIE gen. 2 (5Gb/s) throughput, low latency, scalable, error recoverable deterministic interconnectivity to the mainstream peripherals and I/O cards such as DSP and FPGA cards. The PCIE widths and ports on the data plane and the extension plane of MIC-6314 is user configurable, which make MIC-6314 capable to replace the PCIE switch blade in a small system.

With a SO-DIMM socket and additional soldered, onboard DRAM with ECC in a dual channel design running up to 1600MT/s, the MIC-6314 can be integrated into various harsh environments while maintaining maximum memory throughput, and supports memory expansion by using the latest SO-DIMM technology simultaneously.

Tailored for harsh environments, the MIC-6314 has a native conduction-cooled heat sink adaptable to various chassis environments; with the alternated optional air cooled heat sink, additional I/O is provided on the front panel. An onboard soldered, industrial SSD is included for maximum reliability, and a SSD socket is also available for a cost-efficient, modular storage. By using Intel’s powerful PCH (Lynx Point) with its advanced SATA controller, the MIC-6314 offers high storage capacity at up to 6Gbps transfer speed. An onboard XMC site with PCIe x8 gen.3 connectivity can host high speed offload or I/O mezzanines. Two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel can connect to external devices with up to 5Gbps data rate.
Network and remote connectivity can be achieved via a RS-232 console (RJ-45) and two GbE RJ-45 ports, powered by Intel’s latest Gigabit Ethernet controller.

Intel’s next generation graphics engine Iris Pro offers up to 2x the graphic performance compared to previous generation solutions. Triple independent display support can be implemented by using the MIC-6314’s DVI front panel port and two DVI interfaces on rear transition modules. Audio is powered by a ALC892 controller via the backplane interface, and provides media support. A PCIEinterface is reserved for the optional M.2 high speed storage.Besides the modern M.2 storage, four SATA ports (SATAIII) and four USB ports (2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 3.0) are also connected to the backplane to fulfill the demand for extra IO ports or storage. Four GbE ports (two SERDES selectable) support system level IP connectivity, and four UART interfaces (RS232/422/485 selectable) can be leveraged to interface to legacy devices and consoles.

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