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4K HEVC Broadcast Video Encoding/ Decoding / Transcoding Card
  • 1-ch 4Kp120 or 2-ch 4Kp60 or 8-ch 1080p60 real-time 4:2:2 10bit HEVC, AVC & MPEG-2 encode & decode
  • 1-ch 4Kp60 or 4-ch 1080p60 real-time HEVC, AVC & MPEG-2 transcode
  • HFR (High Frame Rate, 4Kp120)
  • Ultra-low latency support
  • Ultra-low latency support
  • Less than 35W power consumption
  • 4K HEVC Broadcast Video Encoding/ Decoding / Transcoding Card
VEGA-3310 is a high performance video processing accelerator card supporting professional grade 4K/UHD encoding, decoding and transcoding at a very low power consumption. It allows these features to be added to systems that support a standard PCI Express architecture such as PC/IT server based video applications.
The technology underlying VEGA-3310 is the latest encoding/decoding SoC. Each device supports HEVC, AVC, and MPEG2 real-time encoding, decoding, and transcoding at up to 4Kp60 with 10 bit colour depth and 4:2:2 chroma sampling. HEVC compression is particularly relevant for 4K UltraHD transmission which requires a much higher stream capacity.
These bandwidth reduction improvements are achieved at the penalty of much higher computation complexity, with two general purpose server class processors required to perform a 4K 60fps software-based broadcast quality HEVC encoding in real time. The technology behind VEGA-3310 can do the same task in under 35W, and VEGA-3310 can also support up to 4Kp120 high frame rate for next generation sports broadcasts and 360 degree VR applications..

This card feature a simple-to-use API and example code for FFmpeg and GStreamer multimedia frameworks to streamline product development and integration into existing applications.

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