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Netarium System Management Module
  • ATCA / eATCA Shelf and System Management
  • ARM9 based Shelf Management controller with Advantech IPMI core
  • Full event log synchronization, robust redundancy and failover
  • Optional Netarium System Manager on Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 series
  • Features include SoL Proxy, System Explorer, System Boot Server, etc.
  • Up to two GbE (RJ45), two USB (host) ports, and two console ports (one RJ-45 and one micro-USB) on front panel
  • Two microSD slots for shelf and system event logs storage.
  • Up to two internal MO300 SSDs for OS, system management applications, and extended event logs storages
  • System mount RAID boot disks and LCD module support
  • HPM.1 updates, HPM.2, HPM.3 and HPI options
  • Option to host customer applications
Advantech’s SMM-5060 is the Intel®ligence in Netarium ATCA or eATCA systems responsible for platform health and management as a whole. All individual FRU elements in the system including each power supply, fan module, node blade, hub blade, RTM or eRTM, backplane, and even the module itself can be monitored and controlled through the Shelf Manager residing in the SMM-5060’s BMC module. The SMM-5060’s Shelf Management (ShM) is ATCA compliant and supports the latest PICMG specifications such as HPM.1, HPM.2 and HPM.3. In addition to providing full redundancy and failover support, Advantech’s ShM features full log and state synchronization. All firmware and software on the Shelf Manager supports redundant images and can be upgraded via HPM.1 for maximum reliability.

As an option, the SMM-5060 can be extended with System Manager functionality via a module based on the Intel® Atom™ processor C2000. Advantech’s System Manager (SysM) acts as centralized service access point (such as SoL Proxy), blade boot server (provisioning OS images and node blades’ applications), and advanced configuration manager enabling any iA node in the Netarium system to boot with a tailored set of BIOS settings yielding best performance for a specific workload. In addition, an integrated web front end, the System Explorer can be used to provide graphical displays of various levels of system information such as system inventory, health views, sensor status, system IDs, and event logs, leading to a friendlier shelf/system management user experience. An LCD module implemented on the chassis can also be interfaced to the SMM-5060 and used to display system statistics or status to onsite technicians, allowing the Netarium system to be managed like a big appliance. Customers who are using appliances for their entry and mid-range network gear can now have a consistent system management view for their high end product line based on Advantech’s Netarium platform and SMM-5060.

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