Analog I/O Modules

Analog input modules use microprocessor-controlled, high resolution, 16-bit, sigma-delta A/D converters to acquire sensor signals such as voltage, current, thermocouple or RTD.

  • ADAM-6015


    The ADAM-6015 7-channel RTD input module accepts a wide range of RTD sensor types, including Pt100, Pt1000, Ni50, Ni508, and Balco 500 series. Multi input ranges are allowed in one module, creating a cost-effective solution. Most important of all, the ADAM-6015 supports open wiring diagnostic function which warns ...

  • ADAM-6017


    The ADAM-6017 is designed with 8 analog inputs and 2 digital outputs to satisfy all plant needs. Each analog channel is allowed to configure an individual range for variety of applications.

  • ADAM-6018


    The ADAM-6018 8-channel thermocouple input module is the most prevailing temperature sensor in today’s industrial automation market. In addition to 8 T/C input channels, the ADAM-6018 is also equipped with 8 digital output channels such as auxiliary alarm outputs or pure outputs. Last but not least, the ADAM-6018 comes ...

  • ADAM-6022


    Advantech’s ADAM-6022 is an Ethernet-enabled dual-loop PID controller for general purposed PID control applications. A user-friendly utility software is included for users to set PID parameters (Pv, Mv, & Sv). Through the integrated web page, users can monitor and change the control set point through the Internet via web ...

  • ADAM-6024


    The ADAM-6024 is a universal I/O module for various signal applications. There are 6AI / 2AO / 2DI / 2DO included on this module. This module has a universal analog signal type, which makes it an excellent cost-effective I/O solution.

  • Advantech : A Small Devices for Big Applications

    Built with outstanding remote data acquisition technology, Advantech’s ADAM family positions itself as a small device for big applications, ...

    Last Updated : Apr 12, 2013
Case Studies

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ADAM-6015-BE7-ch Isolated RTD Input Module
ADAM-6017-BE8-ch Isolated Analog Input Module with 2-ch DO
ADAM-6018-BE8-ch Isolated Thermocouple Input Module with 8-ch DO
ADAM-6022-A1ECIRCUIT MODULE, Ethernet-based Dual-loop PID Controller
ADAM-6024-A1E12-ch Isolated Universal I/O Module
Intelligent Ethernet I/O ADAM-6200:Customizable Functionality and Flexible Connectivity
ADAM-2000Z Series of Wireless I/O Modules
WebAccess Express
Advantech's DAQ Your Way