Embedded Automation Computers

As a leading industrial automation solution provider, Advantech’s offers a complete range of embedded automation computers with each series coming in three sizes: palm, small and regular, all of them are dedicated to providing fanless, industrial-proven and application ready control platforms. With a robust design, they include multiple expansion solutions and versatile mounting way to fulfill the needs of different applications. The UNO-1000/3000 series is ideal for din-rail, enclsure and book mounting in control cabinet and the UNO-2000 series is a versatile model for stand mount environments. In addition, all of the new UNO product support Advantech iDoor Technology which is a brand-new design concept that utilizes the mini PCIe format, by using standardized modules and interfaces, iDoor Technology gives customers the flexibility to configure the various I/O requirements based on different applications. Modules for iDoor Technology include: Fieldbus protocol; digital and analog I/O; smart sensor, communication and memory.

  • Din-Rail Automation Controller, UNO-1000 Series

    Din-Rail Automation Controller, UNO-1000 Series

    The din-rail embedded automation computer-UNO-1000 Series provide both RISC-architecture and x86-based platform with wide operating temperature of up to 70°C which allows it to be installed in harsh industrial environments. In addition, the UNO-1000 series equipped with excellent communication gateway for converting ...

  • Standmount Embedded Automation Controller, UNO-2000 Series

    Standmount Embedded Automation Controller, UNO-2000 Series

    Advantech's standmount embedded automation computer UNO-2000 series are fanless industrial PCs features an wide CPU selecting range including AMD, Intel Atom and Core i processors, thay also support different mounting method such as stand, wall and VESA mount to meet the needs of different application environment. The new ...

  • Wallmount Embedded Automation Box PC, UNO-3000 Series

    Wallmount Embedded Automation Box PC, UNO-3000 Series

    The UNO-3000 series is a ideal product which design for using in control cabinet. With PCI or PCIe expansion, they feature wide ranging computing power and the PCI expansion capability allows users to add any 3rd party I/O module for a wide range of applications. Besides, New UNO series also support new iDoor technology, ...

  • Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000

    Rackmountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000

    The UNO-4000 series designed for substation automation are rack mount computers with PCI extension slots and are certified by IEC-61850. Each UNO-4000 series features with fanless design and high computing power, isolated serial communication and multiple Ethernet ports. It gives them more reliability for various ...

  • Advantech iDoor Module

    Advantech iDoor Module

    Advantech’s New iDoor technology is a brand-new design concept which utilizes the mini PCIe format. By using standardized iDoor modules and interfaces, iDoor Technology gives customers the flexibility to configure the various I/O requirements based on different applications. iDoor modules include: Fieldbus protocol; ...

  • UNO Embedded OS Support

    UNO Embedded OS Support

    Advantech Embedded Linux with onboard device driver system features RedHat Package Manager to manage your embedded OS, make UNO to be an application-ready platform that saves you time and energy in launching your projects.

  • UNO Accessories

    UNO Accessories

    Complete UNO accessories are provided to fulfill different application needs, such as the UNO-PM70 is a panel mounting Kit for the UNO-3000 series; the UNO-DIN21 DIN-rail Kit which supports DIN-rail mounting for the UNO-2100 series, and the UNO-WM72 is a wall mounting kit for the UNO-3072/L and UNO-3074. As well as the DIN-...

  • Leading Industrial PC Trends - Advantech's iDoor Technology Enables the Transformation of Computing Platforms

    In a rapidly changing age, there is a massive need of a platform with both flexibility and stability. Such a platform is now emerging. The ...

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    Intelligent RTU

    The ADAM-3600 is an intelligent iRTU, mainly used in the oil, gas and water industries. Intelligent network nodes in the IoT, can control the downstream field devices to complete delivery tasks, transfer data to upstream devices wired or wirelessly.It is key

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    Advantech's Embedded Automation Computers

    This leaflet introduces the New UNO-2000 series, Advantech iDoor Technology and the intelligent software which is adopted by New UNO series. Advantech’s UNO-2000 series of fanless ruggedized Embedded Automation Computers including Palm, Small, and

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    2014-2015 Automation Device and Computing

    The 2014 ~ 2015 Device & Computing Master Catalog which features Advantech’s complete automation devices and computing product lines, including: Industrial Solutions and Software, Industrial HMI, Displays and Panel Computers, ICOM, Automation