Fanless Industrial Panel PCs

The fanless industrial panel PCs (Fanless PC) with front USB access come with Celeron M 1 GHz, 1 GB DDR2 memory, one CompactFlash slot and two PCI expansion slots. The flat-sealed front panel design for easier cleaning and liquid run off. Also the control box of the Fanless PC has a gull-wing design for the easy installation and maintenance of components. The design of the fanless cooling system and spindle-free storage makes these Fanless PCs durable and reliable platforms. Optional extras include a fast-access SATA HDD.

  • IPPC-8151S


    To satisfy the stringent standards required in food, beverage, clinical, chemical or pharmaceutical applications, Advantech offers the IPPC-8151S designed with 316L stainless steel, food-safe sealing materials and an anti-corrosive and chemical resistant touchscreen. Its fanless design and IP66 waterproof and dustproof ...

  • Advantech Intelligent Operator Panels, Enabling Flexible Connectivity through Powerful Solution-oriented Software

    Advantech offers the WebOP for different applications involving the use of PLCs, motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors.
    Bbundled ...

    Last Updated : Apr 11, 2013
  • Advantech Thin Client Panel Computers

    Advantech’s new range of star products include several new models in the TPC (Touch Panel Computer), SPC (Stationary Panel
    Computer), and ...

    Last Updated : Apr 11, 2013

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    2014-2015 Automation Device and Computing

    The 2014 ~ 2015 Device & Computing Master Catalog which features Advantech’s complete automation devices and computing product lines, including: Industrial Solutions and Software, Industrial HMI, Displays and Panel Computers, ICOM, Automation

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    Advantech Industrial Automation Application Stories

    Advantech Industrial Automation Application Stories Brochure introduces 48 real Industrial Automation Group application cases in 5 different vertical markets, including Building Automation, Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management, Machine

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    Automation Panel PCs

    Advantech's Automation Panel PCs brochure covers all of the HMI products including Intelligent HMI (WebOP), Embedded Automation Panel PCs (TPC), Automation Panel PCs (IPPC), and Industrial Monitors (FPM). With Advantech’s HMI, we offer an integrated I/O

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