PC/104 Datacom Module

Advantech PC/104 Datacom Modules provide a selection of communication modules in a PC/104 form factor from RS-232, 485, GPS, LAN & fax/modem modules. The series includes various CPU modules for different applications and a variety of PC/104 add-on peripheral modules. PC/104 modules feature a compact form factor, low power consumption, and PC/104, PCI-104 or PC/104-Plus expansion with extended temperature options. PC/104 products are ideal for space limited or extended temperature applications.


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    2014-2015 Embedded Computing Product Catalog

    Comprehensive embedded boards, systems and modules with design-in services. Advantech is continuously developing and delivering cutting edge solutions based on the latest platforms with proven high performance, reliability, longevity and excellent design

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    Emb'Core Journal No.9

    The cover story of this issue is “Integrated Industrial Display Solutions.” The 9th issue also covers 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Platforms, SUSIAccess 2.0, OPS Compliant Digital Signage Player and Next Generation WiFi Modules.

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    SUSIAccess Brochure

    The SUSIAccess brochure includes the key features, user benefits and application scenarios of SUSIAccess, as well as highlighting all Advantech solutions preloaded SUSIAccess, featuring the latest product list we have to offer.

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PCM-3610-CECIRCUIT BOARD, Isolated RS-232/422/485 Module
PCM-3612-BECIRCUIT BOARD, Dual-Port RS-422/485 PC/104 Module
PCM-3614-AE4-port RS-422/485 High-speed Module
PCM-3618-AE8 Port RS-422/485 High-Speed Module
PCM-3620-00A1EUSB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module
PCM-3620P-00A1EUSB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module
PCM-3642I-AECIRCUIT BOARD, PCI-104, 8-Port RS-232 Module
PCM-3643-08A1EPC/104 8 ports RS-232 Module
PCM-3644-04A1ERS-232/422/485 COM Port Module
PCM-3644-08A1ERS-232/422/485 COM Port Module
PCM-3660-CEJumperless Ethernet Module
PCM-3665-00A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3665-01A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3665P-00A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3680-BE2-port CAN-bus PC/104 Module with Isolation Protection
PCM-3680I-AE2-port CAN-bus PCI-104 Modules with Isolation Protection
PCM-3718H-CE100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction Module
PCM-3718HG-CE100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction Module with High Gain
PCM-3718HO-BE100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction Module with Analog Output
PCM-3730-BECIRCUIT BOARD, PC/104 16-ch Isolated Digital I/O Card
PCM-3753I-AE96-ch Digital I/O PCI-104 Module
PCM-3761I-AE8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input PCI-104 Module
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