PC/104 Datacom Module

Advantech PC/104 Datacom Modules provide a selection of communication modules in a PC/104 form factor from RS-232, 485, GPS, LAN & fax/modem modules. The series includes various CPU modules for different applications and a variety of PC/104 add-on peripheral modules. PC/104 modules feature a compact form factor, low power consumption, and PC/104, PCI-104 or PC/104-Plus expansion with extended temperature options. PC/104 datacom solution products are ideal for space limited or extended temperature applications.

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PCM-3610-CECIRCUIT BOARD, Isolated RS-232/422/485 Module
PCM-3612-BECIRCUIT BOARD, Dual-Port RS-422/485 PC/104 Module
PCM-3614-AE4-port RS-422/485 High-speed Module
PCM-3618-AE8 Port RS-422/485 High-Speed Module
PCM-3620-00A1EUSB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module
PCM-3620P-00A1EUSB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module
PCM-3642I-AECIRCUIT BOARD, PCI-104, 8-Port RS-232 Module
PCM-3643-08A1EPC/104 8 ports RS-232 Module
PCM-3644-04A1ERS-232/422/485 COM Port Module
PCM-3644-08A1ERS-232/422/485 COM Port Module
PCM-3660-CEJumperless Ethernet Module
PCM-3665-00A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3665-01A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3665P-00A1EDual GbE Module
PCM-3680-BE2-port CAN-bus PC/104 Module with Isolation Protection
PCM-3680I-AE2-port CAN-bus PCI-104 Modules with Isolation Protection