SecureBootTM and TPM Suite are two significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. SecureBootTM is aimed at markets where boot-time verification must be provided over what software runs. TPM Suite is aimed at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control solutions. Both SecureBootTM and TPM include BIOS-level updates that ensure continued effectiveness.

  • SecureBoot


    SecureBoot™ SDK provides a toolkit for the developer to produce low-cost, low-overhead security mechanisms for gaming machines. The mechanisms security features cover various aspects of security control and ensure: 1)Customers' software applications can only run on designated hardware. 2)Designated systems only run ...

  • TPM Suite

    TPM Suite

    The trusted platform module (TPM) chip included on Advantech-Innocore DPX®-series main boards is an advanced security co-processor offering a high level of hardware-based security for application development and deployment. The TPM hardware and software specification is an industry standard developed by the Trusted ...

  • Security Comparison

    Security Comparison

    Summary of Security Software Solutions

Case Studies
  • Security Solutions for Gaming Applications

    On 5/8/2012

    Although the world of gaming or gambling by definition represents a bet for players, it is not a ...

  • Rocket Science

    On 11/3/2010

    The combination of Advantech and Innocore Gaming presents an opportunity for the gaming industry to ...


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    Advantech Gaming Computing Design & Manufacturing Service

    To benefit customers in the gaming industry by providing the most complete and cost-effective solutions with the very latest technology.

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    Innovations in Gaming Computing

    With the combined strength of the two companies, Advantech-Innocore is now the leading global gaming supplier. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial grade hardware and dedicated software tailored to the exact needs of the gaming

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    About Advantech - 2012 Company Profile

    Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded and automation products and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, and global logistics support; all

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