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Basic 4-axis Motion Control Card with Multi Latch/Compare Trigger Function
  • Encoder input is 4 MHz for 4xAB mode, 1 MHz for CW/CCW mode
  • Pulse output up to 1 Mpps and the output type can be switched to differential or single-end by jumper setting
  • Supports 2 axis linear interpolation
  • Support velocity motion
  • Supports speed override
  • Supports T/S-curve and programmable acceleration/deceleration rate
  • Support 16 Home modes
  • Support programmable interrupt
  • Support 12-CH Latch and 12-CH Compare Trigger function
The PCI-1274 is a basic 4-axis motion control PCI card with multi-latch/compare trigger function. PCI-1274 utilizes the high-performance FPGA to provide 4 axes Point-to-Point, 2-axis Linear Interpolation and up to 12-CH Latch and 12-CH Compare Trigger with a SoftMotion algorithm inside to perform the precise position control. PCI-1274 also has internal FIFO to realize the high speed position compare and trigger pulse output.

User can link 12-CH compare trigger outputs to 12-CH latch inputs one by one or link all compare trigger outputs to single channel of latch input only. Integrating camera, sensor to realize AOI application, such as linear screw, IC and vision inspection sorting machine. In addition, all Advantech motion controllers use the “Common Motion API” architecture which is a unified user programming interface and graphical utility. This architecture saves application maintenance and upgrades. Programmers can benefit from integrating any Advantech SoftMotion controller without changing large amounts of the application code. User-friendly examples decrease programming load, helping users complete configuration and diagnosis easily.

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