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M2.COM Mesh Network IoT Node
  • ARM Cortex-M4 Core Processor
  • IEEE 802.15.4e standard with self-healing mesh network
  • 99.999% Data Reliability and power optimization
  • Rich interface for sensor and I/O control
  • Support wide temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
WISE-1540 is M2.COM standardized IoT Sensor Node integrated with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and Dust’s time-synchronized SmartMesh networks. With time slotted channel hopping (TSCH) link layer, all nodes are synchronized to within less than a millisecond. Time in the network is organized into time slots, which enables collision-free packet exchange and per-transmission channel-hopping.
All nodes within SmartMesh networks could route, source or terminate data while providing years of battery powered operation. SmartMesh Networks are the great fit for Industry 4.0 Applications to deliver a highly reliable network in the most challenging RF environments such as Machine diagnostics, Factory Automation, Environment Monitoring and ProductionEfficiency. In the SmartMesh network, every device has one or more parents which provide redundant paths to overcome communications interruption due to interference, physical obstruction or multi-path fading. If a packet transmission fails on one path, the next retransmission may try on a different path and different RF channel. Developer can be easily to extend the network coverage via SmartMesh.
Advantech WISE-1540 also provide multi-interfaces for sensor and I/O control. With Arm mbed embedded microprocessor operating system and add-on software stacks, it's convenient to support IoT communication protocols including LWM2M, CoAP and MQTT via WISE-3310 Mesh IoT Gateway. Data can be quickly and easily acquired and transformed into a different format to communicate with WISE-PaaS, Mbed Cloud or other cloud services. Developer can build their application backbone faster and focus on their applications, value-added services.

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