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1-Ch HEVC/H.264 Video Capture & Encode Module
  • Low power consumption (<5W)
  • Small form-factor (90 x 100mm2)
  • Onboard 1GB DDR3 memory
  • One miniUSB console port
  • One micro SD card connector
  • One gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 connector
  • One USB2.0 Type-A connector
  • One audio phone jack input
  • 1-Ch SDI-3G & HDMI video inputs
  • 1-Ch HEVC/H.264 1080p60 encode
VEGA-2000 (previously known as HVC-6300), is a small form-factor module designed for encoding live video using either advanced HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) Main Profile or H.264 BP/MP/HP video compression up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, with CBR (Constant Bit Rate) & VBR (Variable Bit Rate) support from 64kbps ~ 32Mbps. The single SDI-3G or HDMI video inputs provide video capture capability in convenient formats for professional video feeds while the onboard USB 2.0 and gigabit Ethernet ports offer great flexibility in transporting the compressed video stream through wireless (such as WiFi, LTE, etc.) and wireline interconnections to remote and cloud side for archiving or further processing. The SD memory card interface can also be used for local storage. The module also features audio encoding from either embedded SDI/HDMI audio channels or a separate 3.5mm audio jack socket.

The module is supplied with a bundled software package that demonstrates a streamlined workflow from video acquisition, encoding, streaming to archiving in a hassle-free approach for simplifying system adoption and integration effort. The well-defined web-based software APIs open the possibilities for customization based on the final usage cases.

With a small physical dimension and low power dissipation characteristics, VEGA-2000 can be easily applied to portable and mobile broadcasting, medical imaging, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) applications, etc. where real-time and high-quality video content needs to be captured and transported in an efficient way using the latest HEVC compression standard

Product Specifications Download Spec

  • Part Number
  • Details
Video Input
  • Resolution

Video Input

  • Resolution

    VEGA2000ME-ES Up to 1920x1080p (Full HD 1080p)

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