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Panel Glass Auto Bonding with Machine Vision Inspection



Glass cutting is part of the LED panel manufacturing process; large plates of glass are laser cut into smaller pieces for different sizes of panels. The market trend in panel design is toward slim sizes. These cuts require more and more precision. In addition, production lines must often do short runs, then shift set up to a different size. Add to this the demands for ever increasing output rate and shorter production cycles. Integrated production machines must therefore accommodate ever more motion control cards and image acquisition cards in order to keep up with high-speed image pickup and testing actions, while reducing error rates, as well as keeping down the cost of manual inspections.


For panel glass manufacturing machines, machine automation has gradually become sufficiently reliable to serve as an effective part of the production process. In past years, panel glass was cut manually and inspectedindividually. With the Advantech fanless box PC, the production line has been automated with robotic machine control and visual inspection. During the cutting process, CCD cameras inspect each glass surface to assure crack-free uniformity. Then, the robotic arm picks up the panel, positions it, and it is then laser cut. This harsh environment with dust, fumes, and a certain amount of vibration, requires a reliable, fanless box that can ensure system functionality.

  • Fanless, high performance, Intel® CoreTM i5/Celeron box PC is a must for this application.
  • LAN card and LAN switch with CCD camera.
  • Visual capture and detection compatibility for the inspection process.
  • I/O card to control the robotic arm.


In the glass cutting process, the customer needed to integrate several work stations on a signal computer. The Advantech compact, fanless, ARK-5420 embedded computer system provided 2x expansion slot spaces that can be equipped with Advantech EtherCAT card and image acquisition or PoE card. ARK-5420 equipped with Intel® 3nd generation CPU with HM76 met the customers’ demand for a robust design for harsh environments, space constraints, and performance requirements. In addition, the system provides a thermal solution that greatly reduces computer failures resulting from expansion card overheating.


Advantech provides comprehensive platforms for clients to choose from in the machine automation. The great variety of offerings, including fanless/fan-based, entry-level/ high performance selections meet a wide range of demands for diverse applications. In this case, fanless but speedy computing systems are the most suitable panel glass auto bonding and inspection. Advantech’s rugged industrial computers make safe and reliable platforms and our professional technicians provide real-time assistance to resolve any possible issues that may occur in the assembly process, reducing time needed to establish a fully functioning panel glass automation line.


ARK-5420 : Intel Core i3/i7 Embedded Fanless Computer with 2 PCI/PCIe Slots