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RISC Ultra Low Power 3.5” SBC and Computing Box with TI Sitara Processor for Industrial Automation

Advantech (2395.TW), a global leader in embedded computing, presents two new products powered by the TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 1GHz high performance processor—RSB-4220 3.5” Single Board Computer, and UBC-330 computing box. The low power Sitara AM3352 design uses only 2.8 watts and comes with rich I/O features such as UART, Giga LAN, CANbus and more. RSB-4220 and UBC-330 are suited for applications in industrial automation and IoT devices.

Rich I/O Design to Fulfill Numerous Industrial Requirements
RSB-4220 and UBC-330 are powered by the capable TI AM3352 Cortex A8 processor and come equipped with 512MB of DDR3 memory and 4GB flash ROM onboard. They fulfill numerous industrial application requirements with features like UART, Giga LAN, CAN and more. The rich I/O coastline of RSB-4220 and UBC-330 are also optimized specifically for industrial applications including: 6 x UART with ESD protection, 8 x GPIO, as well as 1 x CAN bus 2.0B, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x SD card slot, 2 x Giga LAN, and 1 x I2C with 5V interface. RSB-4220 also specifically supports Mini PCIe, RS-485 and single channel 18-bit LVDS interface. RSB-4220 and UBC-330 not only represent the best hardware solution for the industrial market, but they are also flexibleenough to be applied to a wide variety of applications in IoT and automation control. Beyond the high performance and rich I/O interface, RSB-4220 and UBC-FA30 offer extremely low power only 2 watts under normal operation with 12 / 19 / 24V DC-In wide-range power voltage input and reliable power circuit design.

Software Support Service
RSB-4220 and UBC-330 come with Linux kernel V3.2.0 anda complete Board Support Package to help you develop your own applications. Secondly, RSB-4220 also supportsthe most popular QT Version and comes with a UI tool for GUI interface development, along with source code examples. With non-GUI features like threadmanagement, network support, and a unified cross-platform API for file handling, QT can be utilized for developing all kinds of industrial applications.

Furthermore, with our dedicated Advantech service team and complete documentation and reference guide, new application development and legacy software integration into Advantech hardware platforms is made much easier. Advantech software services include source code, tools, APIs, documents, drivers, QT environment and AP level services; making RSB-4220 and UBC-FA30the sensible choice for your new application development.

RSB-4220 delivers stable, strong system performance in a low power platform. It is designed specifically for those automation applications that require multiple I/O connections,high performance graphic interfaces and complete software BSP with QT package support. UBC-330 is a RISC computing box that uses RSB-4220 as the motherboard. In addition to the flexible housing, users can install it onto a wall via standard screws, or free standing in the horizontal plane. UBC-FA30 also has a complete software BSP with Linux package. It designed for those automation applications that need multiple I/O and connections.

RSB-4220 and UBC-330 Key Features:
  • TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex A8 1GHz high performance processor
  • Industrial grade (contact 4KV / Air 8KV) ESD protection
  • 12 / 19 /24V DC-In wide voltage input
  • Maximum load 2.8W low power consumption
  • GPIO isolation protection
RSB-4220 and UBC-330 are available now! Please contact Advantech sales to learn more about it. For more information of Advantech RISC products and services, visit