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【New Partner】FA Products has announced partnership with Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance


March 7th, 2016 (Japan) – Advantech, a global leader in the industrial automation market, is glad to announce that FA Products Co., Ltd. joins the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance for the collaboration of Industry 4.0 development and solutions. FA Products, a Japan-headquartered system integrator, focusing on factory automation and Industry 4.0 markets, seizes more opportunities and fulfills a diverse range of customer needs in the Industrial IoT era by joining the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance and becoming an alliance partner. Advantech and FA Products aim for cooperating closely with each other to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of Industry 4.0 applications and achieving a Win-Win partnership with the whole industry

“We welcome FA Products to join the WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance as an important partner in Japan to jointly accelerate the business expansion of Industry Automation markets in Japan and other Asian countries.”said Mike Koike, President of Advantech Japan. “Smart factory projects usually take a long time and cost a lot to implement. We are confident this collaborative partnership not only provides simple and efficient factory automation solutions for customers, but is also mutually beneficial for more business opportunities and global coverage.” Long experience in the field of computing, sensing devices and gateways, as well as the use of the IoT solutions to take advantage of this hardware, builds highly reliable system configurations. Global maintenance support and strength also enable the development of applications, such as devices to centrally manage and control devices scattered all over the world.

With 50 WebAccess+ alliance partners worldwide in 2015, the Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance aims for close cooperation with Advantech's partners to bring the best expertise, co-marketing opportunities and provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries and achieve a win-win partnership for the whole industry. For more information about the WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance, please contact your local sales office, or visit us online at: (