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Case Studies
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Date: 1/1/2011

Euro Games Technology


Location : Bulgaria
Product : DPX-114 motherboard and custom backplane
End Product : Casino Slot machine
Market/Jurisdiction : Worldwide, GLI others
Web : www.egt-bg.com/



Euro Games Technology is a dynamic, fast growing company with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has already positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming machines, jackpot systems, cabinets and other casino equipment in Bulgaria and abroad.

After detailed research of technologies available, EGT chose a hardware solution from Advantech-Innocore Gaming. DPX Advance is a result of cooperation between the engineering teams of both companies. Among the most important technical characteristics of DPX-Advance are low energy consumption (fanless CPU) and operation on only one power voltage. A dual-head ATI Radeon™ videocontroller gives the opportunity to control two monitors simultaneously. Due to its high-tech design, DPX-Advance supports all types of peripheral devices. The software supports communication on SAS 6.01 protocol, multi-denomination, progressive, and mystery jackpots.