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Date: 2/4/2010

Производство электроэнергии


Power generation is the process of creating electricity from different energy forms, such as nuclear, thermal, hydro, or renewable power. As many industrial companies seek to reduce our footprint on the environment, more efficient power and energy is becoming a critical issue. Power backup systems help maintain a continuous supply of electric power which not only lends to the overall efficiency, but more secure and safe systems. These are typically used to protect facilities and equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business interruption or data loss, especially when supplying power for hospitals and airports. Reliable power backup systems are an essential part of any critical automation applications.


To fulfill needs of power substation automation system, Advantech offers:

 Data Servers and Communication Gateways: Advantech’s automation computers have a fanless design, providing a reliable and compact embedded computing platform. They offer powerful computing (up to Core 2 Duo), dual LANs, and multiple serial ports, which makes them especially suitable for power generation applications.

 Programmable Automation Controllers: APAX-5000series, the new PAC solution from Advantech, integrates control, information processing and networking in a single platform. By leveraging the latest automation technology, APAX-5000 series offers a unique system architecture, providing dual controllers for different tasks, same I/O with changeable controllers, and flexible I/O expansion with deterministic performance. All these features make Advantech’s PAC system more reliable, scalable and flexible, satisfying various complicated control and automation applications.

 Industrial-grade HMI: The ultra-slim, light, fanless and vibration-resistant design of Advantech’s’ Touch Panel Computers provides an ideal HMI platform for power backup system applications. Users can easily controlthe system through a convenient touchscreen.



  Embedded Automation Computers(UNO)

UNO-2171 UNO-2182

Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Fanless Box PC with 2 x LAN, 4 x COM, PC/104+

Intel Core 2 Duo Fanless Box PC with 2 x GbE, 4 x COM, DVI



Intel Pentium M Fanless Box PC with 4 x PCI, PC Card

Intel® Celeron® M Fanless Box PC with PCI, 2 x GbE, 4 x COM, DVI



Intel® Pentium® M/Celeron® M Fanless BoxPC with 6 x LAN, 10 x COM, 8 x DI, 8 x DO, PC/104+

Intel Celeron M Fanless Box PC with 3 x LAN, 8 x COM, PC/104

  Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)



8-slot Programmable Automation Controller

PC-based Controller with Celeron M CPU



Proto PAC w/ Celeron M 1 GHz, KW

Micro PAC with XScale CPU and CAN



12-ch High Speed Analog Input Module

12-ch Relay Output Module



8-ch RTD Module

24-ch Digital Input/Output Module

  Touch Panel Computers



5.7" QVGA CSTN LCD XScale PXA270 Touch Panel Computer

10.4" SVGA TFT LCD Pentium® M/Celeron® M Touch Panel Computer



8-port Gigabit Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switch

17" SXGA Industrial Monitor with Resistive Touchscreen and Direct-VGA Port