Industrial Mobile Computing

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Case Studies
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    Logistics / Warehouse Management
  • TREK-668 Public Transportation Safety Should Never Be Compromised
    Fleet management and in-vehicle surveillance personnel need instant access to critical information when responding to emergencies and life threatening events. Advantech-DLoG provides video surveillance to operation control centers to assist them in issuing commands and guidance to personnel. The advanced mobile data solution provides real-time access to applications such as train dispatching, critical information about train cars, and an infotainment system. And video surveillance helps increase driver and passenger safety. This in turn reduces collisions, injuries, maintenance and insurance costs.
  • TREK-550 Mobile Data Terminal Solutions for e-Bus Systems
    Customers looking for smart vehicle solutions for sophisticated e-Bus systems have a diverse set of needs. Advantech-DLoG is helping system integrators design e-Bus systems as part of a sophisticated wireless infrastructure to bring mobile onboard computing and back-office communications in the transportation industry to the next level. Advantech-DLoG uses its knowledge to deliver an industrial grade Intel Atom processor based, in-vehicle box computer ideal for municipal and inter-urban bus fleets.
  • TREK-753 Boosts Long Haul Trucking Efficiency
    Managing vehicle fleets in the long haul trucking industry is challenging: vehicles and drivers are spread out geographically; central offices need to consolidate information for billing and invoicing; and customer service needs to stay on top of deliveries to be able to communicate with clients. It seems there is never enough time in the day to get the work done in this highly competitive business.
  • Tracking & Management System with TREK-753 for Enhanced Productivity and Turnover
    Intermodal transportation involves the use of freight containers using multiple modes of transport (railway, freighter and truck) without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. The freight containers are exchanged in intermodal stations or terminals. The optimization in the management of such terminals is very important because the load times have a great impact in the economic profit. Thus, the efficiency of identifying and locating freight containers inside the terminal is critical.
  • Emergency Services in Action with Rugged Tablet PWS-770
    Firemen scramble over the devastation left behind by fires, typhoons, floods or other rescue operations. The effectiveness of their response can be measured in seconds. So any improvement in response times can help save lives and property. Traditionally, emergency response teams make use of mobile phones, paper, and a lot of manual work. These methods are time-consuming and can also lead to inaccurate or missing information.
  • Cutting Edge Local Fleet Management

    When it comes to fleet management, Advantech-DLoG is proud to play a role in advancing safety, efficiency, and
    profitability. One notable example is the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that helps manage moving fleet assets. With
    built-in GPS, CDMA/GPRS/HSPA+, the MDT keeps drivers and dispatchers in close communication. And depending on
    sensor outfitting, the Advantech-DLoG MDT can track everything from mileage, routing, speed, acceleration, braking,
    oil pressure, fuel consumption, An important additional function is the logging of driver duty and rest hours to help
    maintain compliance with safety and hours-of-service regulations. The TREK-722/723 ARM base MDT can be mated
    with a software solution that takes virtually all the drudgery out of tedious logging and tracking, enabling wellinformed
    management for even the most complex fleet operations.

  • Marine
  • Shipping Authority upgrades its Navigation System with Advantech Network Switches

    With their locks, miles of waterway and lots of big heavy ships shipping lanes and channels are complicated places that require a great deal of management. With 24 hour operation it’s imperative that their systems are fail proof and they require the most up-to-date equipment to ensure the smooth flow of traffic so that good can be transported around the world.