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Catch a Ride on the Intelligent Bus- Pioneering Standards of Excellence with Advantech
If you haven’t ridden a city bus lately, you might be surprised at just how convenient they’ve become. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems are springing up in crowded urban cities where other forms of transport are much too expensive to implement. To be successful in a project of this scope requires a careful planning and strategic partnerships. Intelligent bus solutions are comprised
of components that create systems that interconnect and communicate, and they’re all designed to make management and ridership easy while saving cost. This article will exam the major components of intelligent bus solutions: fleet management,
surveillance, ticketing, and advertising, as well as take a look at data handling and hardware design.
Hop aboard, the journey is about to begin.
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Driving Fleet Management Forward with new advanced mobile data terminals

Mobile resource management (MRM) using computer-based, in-vehicle terminals is driving fleet management forward and improving fleet efficiencies by giving companies the ability to proactively manage vehicles, routes, security, drivers, and all the logistics involved in short, medium and long-haul operations. But are computer-based solutions alone enough to get the job done? The short answer is ‘No’. You need more than just products, you also need expert knowledge. Advantech-DLoG is an expert in digital logistics, and has been awarded many short and long-haul projects, collaborating with partners worldwide.

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