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Touch Panel Linearity Test Solution


Project Introduction:

Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and tablet PCs, the rising demand of touch panels is driving machinery requirements which need higher precision and stability in their manufacturing process. As widely used in panel manufacturing, the linearity testing machine requires simulating the movement of fingers on the panel test. As a result, motion control and data acquisition play important roles in the testing process. However, the traditional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) operation is limited, the more axes that are required, the more CPU loading is increased, so a PC-based system without such limitations can better meet market needs. Advantech's industrial PC with a long-term supply and stable testing process combined with data acquisition and motion control card is considered to be the manufacturers’ favorable solution.

System Requirements:
Our customer is a test equipment vendor, whose linearity testing machine requires high-precision motion control and data acquisition. Through the sliding and pressing movement across the panel’s surface to confirm the quality, the testing machine needs a device with a PC’s features to deal with a large number of graphical computing functions and data storage.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid plant shutdown, the product must provide fast and long-term maintenance services. In the past our customer attempted to use a commercial PC to control their testing machines, but the longer development time (6~8 months) and shorter PC life cycle (less than 2 years) meant that the system soon became obsolete was difficult to getafter-sales service. Now, the Advantech Global Services team can provide the fastest and real-time local service to eliminate the nightmare of a plant shutdown due to the maintenance.

Product compatibility is another issue. Advantech’s comprehensive product lines can supply the computer, controller, drivers and other necessities, so there is no need to use products from different vendors which would easily cause the incompatible problem.

Project Implementation: 

IPC-6608/IPC-6606 8/6-Slot Desktop/Wallmount Chassis with PS/2 and Redundant Power Supply Options
PCI-1710U 100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Universal PCI Multifunction Card
PCI-1730U 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O Universal PCI Card
PCI-1240U 4-axis Stepping and Servo Motor Control Universal PCI Card

System Diagram:


System Description:
With the trend for miniaturization, Advantech’s IPC-6608/IPC-6606 isa vertical industrial computer designed for limited spaces.Italso includes a fast recovery feature, which is an essential function of plant equipment, and can restore the system, after a crash or interruption, in shortest time.

In addition, the PCI-1710U data acquisition card - with 0.005V high-resolution can measure weak signals. When the machine is performing stress tests, PCI-1710U will collect the pressure data to ensure normal operation. Its utility offers simplified settings to save customer’s development time. Furthermore, Advantech's PCI-1240U motion control card - can output the motion control signal up to 4 million times per second and features the 2 to 3 axis linear interpolation and 2-axis circular interpolation, so as to accurately executethe motion control without increasing system loading and a wasteofsystem resources.

Advantech’s integrated motion control and data acquisition solution satisfies the special needs of touch panel equipment manufacturers. In terms of product compatibility, limited space equipment, troubleshooting, and even after-sales service, Advantech provides the best quality service and guarantee. In addition, Advantech's global service network makes our products and services more reliable as well as reducing customer’s maintenance costs without interrupting plant operations.

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