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Significant Business Growth in The Audio Company Through Store Traffic Analytics Solution

Mamaway Implemented Advantech’s Digital Signage Solution

A well-known British manufacturer of high-end audio equipment set up its flagship storebin a shopping mall in Jakarta in Indonesia. 
The franchisee wanted to optimize its total store operation based on scientific measurement instead of guesswork. So the franchisee contacted Advantech to request the In-Store Heatmap and Store Traffic Analytics solutions. One fisheye camera was installed at the ceiling center of the shop, and two cameras were installed at the entrance and exit of the store inside the shopping mall to record store traffic data. Captured images and traffic data were then compiled on the UShop+ BI platform and exported as daily reports.

These reports revealed two surprising findings:

  1. Although the total number of customers for the store inside the mall did not exceed the number for their other stores, the average transaction rate was higher.
  2. The shopping mall’s seasonal promotion brought more visitors to the store inside the mall, but the conversion rate for the store showed no significant increase.
  3. The most popular areas which had shopper’s loitering the most did not match with their most popular goods sold.

Therefore, the franchisee focused on their target audience in the mall and decreased their marketing expenditure during the mall's seasonal promotion. Also, the franchisee adjusted their in-store display strategy and finally the sales of those least popular goods improved,too. Now the business has better growth after the adjustment of their marketing strategy.

Cameras installed at the store entrance counts the number of visitors.

Store owners can review the in-store heatmap via UShop+ platform.

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