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Road Surveillance System


Market: Industrial Computers for Road Surveillance

Location: Taiwan


The customer is a leading telecommunications carrier in Taiwan, with more than 15 years of experience in system integration and providing comprehensive surveillance solutions that include software, hardware, and services. The customer collaborated with city law enforcement authorities to establish road surveillance systems to facilitate efficient management and monitoring of road safety. The objective was to enhance road safety and ensure a safe and secure public environment 24/7.


The customer needed to integrate a powerful 4U i7 quad-core system with three technologies, that is, a network video recorder (NVR), central management software (CMS), to facilitate road traffic monitoring and video recording. Furthermore, the collected data can be reviewed via the playback function and used to support police investigations into traffic accidents and criminal activities, while also serving as a deterrent.
The system front-end features an NVR with Advantech WebAccess + IVS for collecting video data from both IP and analog cameras. Using Advantech WebAccess + IVS, intelligent video analytics functions, such as forbidden zone detection, object tracking, and passenger counting, can be easily performed. Every police station requires a CMS system for organizing theNVR data collected at each intersection. These CMS systems can be used to access all connected NVR/DVR devices and remotely control cameras to view real-time life feeds of any road or intersection.

  • ACP-4000VS (CMS/NVR system)
  • AiMC-3200VS (CMS/NVR system)
  • WebAccess + IVS
  • CMS (Software)


In addition to reliable and powerful ruggedized systems with a long product life, the key factor in Advantech’s success with such projects is WebAccess+IVS. This intelligent software reduces complex operations and provides highly accurate data outputs. Thus, the customer not only installed Advantech hardware, but also adopted Advantech software for on-road surveillance applications.

Advantech systems (ACP-4000VS, AiMC-3200VS, WebAccess + IVS, and CMS) are proven to provide maximum reliability and safety for critical applications. Advantech’s long-term relationship with the customer, provision of value-added services, and delivery of substantial technical support ensured the successful completion of the project.