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Quickly Extend Serial ATA Port for Railway NVR Application

Efficient transportation systems have played a critical role in maintaining steady economic development, enhancing the lifestyle of society as well as abating pollution. With increasing populations and travel demands, the development of modern integrated transportation systems is crucial, and modern high speed railway systems are increasingly a highly reliable and desirable part of that mix.
Application Requirements
An industrial transportation customer in Europe wanted to add a large array of data storage devices into their system. High performance data transfers were required and the storage devices needed to be configured into one system; therefore, they needed multi SATA port support in the system. This was an urgent caseand they needed to have it up and running as quickly as possible.
Project Implementation
Advantech ITA-5710 is a fanless box computer suitable for railway applications. It is fully compliant with EN 50155 and supports flexible expansion such as easy swap HDD/SDD/CF modules. An optional PCI/MiniPCIe slot can be included for additional extensibility such as for Advantech’s EMIO-200SA expansion solution. EMIO-200SA adapter can extend 2 x SATA III channels through the PCIe signal on the host side. In response to the need for fast reliable data copying, processing, transmission and backup, EMIO-200SA solution offers an elegant high-speed transfer interface solution.
The EMIO-200SA adapter is a full-size Mini PCIe module type solution. It uses the ASM1061 SATA controller, supports 2-Ch SATA III and IDE/AHCI mode, and is compliant with Gen1m and Gen2m SATA PHY. EMIO-200SA is compatible with all types of Serial ATA devices, including hard drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSD), and optical drives (CD/DVD/BD).
Integration of EMIO-200SA with ITA-5710 robust hardware delivers a user friendly network video recorder system with fast data transmission and efficient data recording with vast storage capability. It can be remotely controlled and is a versatile solution for video storage applications.
  • Easy to integrate into systems
  • Quickly extends SATA III ports to fulfill any demand
  • Converts PCIe signal to 2-Ch SATA port with standard Mini-PCIe interface
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