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Integrated Solder Paste Solution



In the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) equipment race, manufacturers seek to introduce ever new functions and better-performing equipment, and SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) is a key function in the M/B SMT manufacturing process. Solder paste is screened onto the PCB before electronic components are mounted, and SPI makes sure the paste is where and as it should be. Solder works as a conductive adhesive between electronic components and the PCB, so the quality of solder screening relates directly to the PCB yield rate. In order for solder paste to be spread accurately on the PCB, SPI must be implemented with a high-accuracy motion control card so that paste can be painted on areas less than 1x1 mm in area. At the same time, in order to simultaneously monitor the thickness of the paste coating areas, a camera and a frame grabber card monitor the process, reducing the cost of labor inspection.


This integration is straightforward, employing a motion card, PCI-1245E, to control solder paste application and assure its smooth, accurate delivery via camera inspection. The axial control is capable of implementing six dimensions of solder paste placement including upper/lower, right/left, forward/back with the Advantech motion card and compact systems, which speed up product processing and reduce the cost of ownership. Meanwhile, up to four cameras can execute inspection and quality check during paste application process via connections to the frame grabber card, DVP-7010BE. ARK-5261’s compact size not only makes it an easy fit into equipment and also enables easier cable routing and cuts back on the footprint. Its fanless design substantially enhances system reliability and diminishes the need for on-goingmaintenance.

  • Fanless,reliable systems, Intel® Celeron™ J1900 Processor up to 2.41GHz.
  • The expansion capabilities of PCI-Express and PCI are paramount to implement axial control and camera inspection.
  • The equipment space is limited, so compact size is a must.


In view of the fact that customers usually integrate several work stations in a single machine, Advantech ARK-5261 provides integrated systems consisting of highly expandable single board and control axis cards, high-speed motion pick-up cards,and image acquisition cards. ARK-5261 is a compact, fanless embedded system equipped with Intel® new-generation CPU Celeron J1900 that meets customer demand for robust design in harsh environments, along with space and performance requirements. In addition, ARK-5261 features three expansion slot spaces that can accommodate an Advantech control card and motion card. The use of Advantech industrial control cards assures compatibility that may be missing when using products form different companies.


Advantech fanless embedded compact industrial computers allow customers or equipment builders to employ their equipment space more efficiently; expandability and flexible modularization on these computers are great pluses that help clients meet their needs for varied applications. The fanless system design increases reliability and boosts production flow with minimal error rate and maintenance cost. What’s more, our systems come integrated with SUSIAccess software that provides remote control and management capabilities. ARK-5261 is an excellent platform for an integrated solder paste solution.

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