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Solid iSystem Sector Build-up

Video | 12/22/2014
2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

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  • Advantech at IBC 2014

    Video Advantech | 11/19/2014
    Advantech demonstrates the key performance and operational benefits offered by its video processing engines at IBC 2014. Powered by multicore digital signal processors (DSPs) from Texas Instruments (TI) with multi-codec support and optimized coding implementations, Advantech’s media processing...
  • 24/7 Surveillance for Highway Tunnel Security

    Case Studies advantech | 10/7/2014
    China’s booming economy has led the country to invest more on traffic infrastructure which has created the need for traffic management and security monitoring systems overseen by video walls displays in control rooms. Among all the traffic monitoring systems, those monitoring traffic safety...
  • NAB 2014

    Events | 3/10/2014
    NAB Show® is the world's largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums. With more than 93,000 Attendees from 156 countries and 1,550+ Exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and en...
  • NAB 2013

    Events 3/14/2013

    From Broadcasting to Broader-casting®, NAB Show® has evolved over the last eight decades to continually lead this ever-changing industry.

  • The Unparalleled Performance

    Video Advantech | 1/2/2013

    An Advantech video wall controller is designed for video wall applications. Being strictly validated by the Matrox laboratory,
    Advantech video wall controller features Mura MPX Series compatibility, and industrial reliability.

  • Witness the era of video wall

    Video advantech | 1/2/2013
    The advancements in video wall technology are opening up more windows on the world, conveying new thoughts and messages  of  the  latest  developments  in  many  areas.

    From digital signage in sports, entertainment, shopping and other public venues, t...
  • Seeing the World with the Latest Display Technology: Advantech Video Wall Controllers Certified ...

    WhitePaper 11/27/2012
      By Ken Lin, Product Sales Manager, AdvantechThe advancements in video wall technology are opening up more windows on the world, conveying new thoughts and messages of the latest developments in many areas. From digital signage in sports, entertainment, shopping and other public venue...
  • NAB Show 2012 - Advantech 2U Rugged Chassis and Half-length PCIe Card

    Video AdvantechUSA | 9/18/2012

    2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV - Introduction to Advantech's rugged ACP-2000 2U chassis, and DSPC-8681, half-length PCI Express Card, based on the latest Texas Instruments Platforms.

  • Video Surveillance Trends for 2012

    Industry Focus a&s magazine | 5/10/2012
    IMS, leading independent supplier of market research on global electronics industry, provides top 10 video surveillance predictions on key trends and opportunities in related areas for 2012. These trends include:"Refocusing on image  quality", "From the BRICS to CIVETS",...
  • Highway Surveillance and ETC Service

    Case Studies Advantech Co., Ltd | 5/10/2012
    China needs more effective monitoring system while the booming economy has led to a significant increase in the quantity of automobile and also traffic violation cases. In this case, the innovative monitoring system should utilize real-time CCD image processing while successfully eradicating comm...
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) – A Solution for PCB Inspection

    Case Studies Advantech Co., Ltd | 5/10/2012
    There is a growing trend to use AOI in PCB inspection applications and the built-in printed circuit boards (PCBs) will contain more components than in the past. This project explains how Advantech’s new generation industrial computers and Softmotion image capture and detection software tech...
  • LCD Production Quality Control ~AOI Alignment System

    Case Studies Advantech Co., Ltd | 5/10/2012
    Global demand for TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels) keeps increasing. The manufacturer’s goal is to manufacture 100% “no failure” screens, and automated defect inspection is absolutely necessary to attain the goal. Therefore, fast and highly accurate v...
  • MRT In-Car Video Surveillance System

    Case Studies Advantech Co., Ltd | 5/9/2012
    Mishaps, involving casualties, crimes and biohazards, can happen at any moment on Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). While MRT system carries over million passengers every day, safety and security system is especially of great importance. Here is an example for solution! Advantech, in cooperation with ano...
  • Mobile Market Growth

    Events NABSHOW Blog | 5/8/2012

    The mobile marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.  As part of the 2012 NAB Show Spotlight Series, Butch Stearns sits down with Mike Boland, Program Director at BIA/Kelsey, to discuss the growing and changing mobile landscape.

  • Advantech Extends Collaboration with Texas Instruments on High Definition Video Processing Appli...

    Events Advantech | 5/8/2012
    Advantech announces first commercial off- the-shelf platform supporting JPEG 2000 codec optimized for TI’s TMS320C6678 multicore DSP. The products will offer the true flexibility that an all software approach brings to video processing, but at lower power levels and in a smaller form factor...
  • Advantech and Ittiam to Cooperate in HD Audio Transcoding Initiative on Multicore DSP

    Events Ittiam | 5/8/2012
    The combination of Ittiam's audio processing codecs optimized for TI's C6678 multicore DSPs and Advantech's PCIe cards results in a highly scalable solution for OEMs. The high-performance audio processing platform accelerates integration and development. Advantech's DSPC-8681 Media Engine, a powe...
  • Mobile Adoption Rates

    Events TheNABShow; Youtube | 5/8/2012
    Butch Stearns of The Pulse Network talks with Mike Boland of BIA/Kelsey to discuss mobile adoption rates in the United States and when this means for the mobile and digital media market. Mike also looks forward to what this could mean for the future of both industries.NAB Show(R) is the place...
  • ABI Research: The RFID Market Will be Worth over $70 Billion Across the Next Five Years

    Industry Focus a&s magazine | 4/25/2012
    According ABI research, the market of RFID was boosted by a growth of $900 million in 2011 and the market is expected to grow 20 percent YOY per annum. Sectors like government, retail, and transportation and logistics have been identified as the most valuable sectors. Efficiency and operational c...
  • Lights, Camera, Action:Tuning Megapixel Cameras for Real Life

    Technology Highlight a&s magazine | 4/25/2012
    For real life, megapixel cameras can see great amounts of detail, but supporting cast of storage, scalability, bandwith and display system are required. Some condtions like close distance also deteriote the quality of the imgage, Those ominpotent megapixel cameras in 'CSI' doens't exist now, but...
  • Security 50 Event Attracts International Attention

    Events Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media | 4/25/2012
    Security 50 Event took place in Taipei, Taiwan on April 18. This event was organized by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media to show the latest security trend and create an open platform for further communication between top 50 and other security professionals. Security 50 Zone Opening Ceremony...
  • What’s Next for the industry? (Part II) Technology Trends: IP, Cloud and Intelligence

    Industry Focus a&s magazine | 4/25/2012
    Although the thresshold to IP industry is difficult to cross over, iit does offer tremendous benefits.In the furture, three things will influence it greatly, including intelligent vedio. Motion detection and analytics enable users to find the data they want effiecienlty.  With supporting sof...
  • The Quality of Storage Effects Image Enhancement

    Industry Focus a&s magazine | 4/25/2012
    Storage is one of the biggest costs of a surveillance project, so compression is essential to surveillance monitoring. However, compression might possibly deteriorate the quality of image and restrict legal implications. In many cases, the resulting images were not usable and caused serious probl...
  • What’s Next for the industry? (Part I) Service-based Approach to Stay Competitive

    Industry Focus a&s magazine | 4/24/2012
    In security industry, a tremendous boom with double- or even triple-digit growth took place until the recession dampened the market's giddiness. The growth of security versus the overall market is still faster, but the number of security players is also expected to increase, not diminish. Let&rsq...
  • Technologies and Trends Shaping the Video Security Market

    Technology Highlight Notting Hill Media Limited | 4/24/2012
    Elan Moriah President of Verint Video Intelligence Solutions and Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, explores some of the important technologies and trends that are helping reshape the security industry. In this article, some key issues are discussed, including “Technology transition in vi...
  • Intelligent network surveillance camera is the development trend of pre-application

    Technology Highlight ShenZhen Apexis Electronic Co.,Ltd | 4/24/2012
    The development of intelligent video surveillance is a trend. Nowadays, the camera not only serves as video shooting, records and other related functions, but also supports more high-end video analysis and process. Intelligent front camera can also be understood as the network side of the applica...
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)

    Technology Highlight Nokia Siemens Networks | 4/23/2012
    The vidoe  gives us a superior mobile broadband experience. We all expect our  experience of mobile broadband to be smooth, continuous and rapid. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the most efficient the most efficient mobile broadband technology for providing an excellent user exp...
  • Video Acquisition and Encoding

    Advantech's DSP Process Platform features Video Acquisition and Video Encoder boards to support a wide range of customer solutions. Our products are designed to provide HDMI and analog outputs, perfrom high speed processing at various formats, and supply a wide choice of interfaces for storage, networking and peripherals. ...
  • Multi-Core Digital Signal Processing

    Advantech's Multi-Core Digital Signal Processing(DSP) portfolio includes ATCA, AdvancedMC, and PCI Express products. Our Multimedia Processing Engines (MPE) in full- and half-length PCIe form factor offer impressive HD transcoding performance for applications in digital media and broad industrial usage. Advantech's Multi-...
  • Video Wall Controller

    Advantech Video Wall Controller, validated by the Matrox laboratory, is designed for broadcasting and video wall applicaitons. Advantech Video Wall Controller is also compatible with Mura MPX series. Advantech Video Wall Controller provides the best in video server service with industrial reliability.
  • Video Capture Board

    Advantech Video Capture Board supports complete SD /HD software and hardware compression. Video capture board offers multiple PC host interfaces, from USB to PCI, PCIe, PCI 104, and mini cards. Advantech's Video Capture Boards support a variety of input interface including YPbPr, SDI, HDMI, DVI, BNC and RCA.
  • Intelligent Video System

    Advantech Intelligent Video System provides both Digital Video Recorder(DVR) and Network Video Recorder(NVR) to support valuable Intelligent Video Analytics software. Intelligent Video Solution feature both TI DSP platform and X86 PC-based platform for diverse video applications. Appliance ranges from 2U/4U industrial PC ...