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Fast Boot, Multi-layered Security and Customization Services

  • Deliver superior performance in compatibility and functionality
  • Boot times are less than 2 seconds
  • Solidified SPI with a 100% reproducible BIOS image and SPI write protect
  • Storage security with data encryption
  • Boot management protects against malware and uncertified devices in thepre-OS environment
  • BIOS Suite for customers to easily change logo, install DMI information, adjust BIOS settings, and update the firmware in different OSs
Advantech provides full-featured Embedded BIOS solutions that deliver the superior performance compatibility and functionality that System Integrators need. A variety of options and extensions let customers tailor their products to a wide range of target markets, with coreboot ready for practical usage. Secure boot options are optimized to make sure POST period before Operation System takeover is secured. Furthermore, it includes a BIOS suite for building custom firmware tools for multiple OSs, such as DMI, BIOS configurations, and modules.

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