Since 2011 Advantech Foundation has been actively promoting the "Art Salon" project, in order to increase Advantechers' humanistic outlook and interest in the arts to encourage them to get involved in artistic and cultural activities, while improving the visibility of artistic groups and enhancing their competition. We offer tickets for employees every year, and also select excellent artistic performances every season for them to attend, including Chinese and western music, dance, and performing arts, among others.

Through the "Art Salon" project, we hope Advantech will cultivate and support artistic groups to make innovations and breakthroughs in their professional fields; meanwhile, Advantechers' involvement and support are strength of support for artistic groups, and they also help to expand new audiences.

To provide our employees with the opportunity to enjoy diverse art festivities, Advantech uses a fair and transparent selection process to recruit medium to small -sized art performance groups to perform at various company events. By the end of 2012, the Art Salon project had evolved into "accepting performance proposals and Advantech employees voting for performances they would like to see."

At the end of each year, the ABLE Club invites art groups to submit proposals for the upcoming year. The groups selected via the ABLE Club’s voting system are offered funding for collaborative projects and performances that Advantech staff and the general public can attend. This initiative enables art groups to increase their profile and audience appeal, while also cultivating public appreciation of arts and culture.

Additionally, Advantech's ABLE Club also sponsors special showings of outstanding local art shows or movies. Advantech Kunshan initiated its Art Salon in 2014, and has collaborated with the Kunshan Art and Cultural Center in promoting “Advantech’s Beautiful Life” project.

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