We are convinced that art and cultural activity is an essential part of a beautiful life, and we should refine our body and soul with arts and enrich our life with culture. Advantech Foundation set up the Advantech Public Service Art Gallery in 2000, with a view to cherish talent and support potential artists in Taiwan. We have installed art galleries in both Advantech Rueiguang Headquarters and Sunny Building and encourage all kinds of artists to exhibit here for free, so the works of artists have a stage to shine, and beautiful atmosphere permeates the office buildings and artistic seeds are sown.

Advantech Public Service Art Gallery holds an exhibition every two months, the works are quite colorful and inclusive, which involve watercolors, Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings, photography, composite materials and sculptures. Meanwhile, Advantech galleries are also designed and arranged according to the schedules of artistic and cultural group activities. As an example of this, Advantech has been sponsoring Yang-Chun Watercolor Art Club, and every year it will hold the "Huayang Award" watercolor painting competition, which attracts thousands of excellent artists taking part in the contest. The outstanding paintings of this award will be exhibited in Advantech Public Service Art Gallery every year, the ever changing color flow and staggered light and shade indulge employees and visitors in the mystique of watercolor art.

When afternoon tea time comes, Advantech Public Service Art Gallery is the best spot for relaxation. Watching quietly at every artistic crystallization, Advantechers will put their whole hearts into the appreciation of the works, forgetting all their pressures and worries and unconsciously getting influenced by their presence.

Advantech Public Service Art Gallery is set in two spots: 1st Floor Hall and B1 in Advantech Rueiguang Headquaters; 1st Floor Hall and 2nd Floor Hall in Advantech Sunny Building. The activities are scheduled every two months, with different types of paintings being exhibited each time. All those who love arts and culture are invited to the exhibitions.

Advantech Art Gallery Information:

Rueiguang Headquarters: 1F & B1, No. 1, Alley 20, Lane 26, Rueiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei
Sunny Building: 1F & 2F, No. 33, Lane 365, Yangguang Street, Neihu District, Taipei
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 17:30 PM, closed in holidays.