"From society, to society" is the motto of Advantech, like the symbol of Advantech's corporate social responsibility "Altruistic Tree" spirit. First we absorb, then carry forward the valuable resources given by society, and then return the harvested sweet fruit back to the society that nurtured us, thus building a virtuous bond between Advantech and the public.

And Advantech's grateful heart is also embodied in all kinds of public services. We not only actively participate in public affairs and public service activities, but we also contribute to public service by volunteering enthusiastically.

Advantech Foundation and Advantech Able Club have cooperated with many cultural and disadvantaged groups, collecting all the strengths of Advantechers to exert greater social influence. Advantechers go all out to participate in all kinds of public service activities, some spare time off work on weekdays to actively act as tutors for disadvantaged children; in the holidays, some take their families to join in the charity events in schools, collect donations in the street, and respond to "Walk for Love" activities; and some are invited for charity performances, using their talent to bring happiness to audiences.

Every year, blood donations are held by Able Club, and a long line of Advantechers can be seen pulling up their sleeves and preparing to donate their blood. In addition, whether it's disaster relief, or second-hand clothes donation activities, as soon as we feel that underprivileged groups need our passion, Advantechers will not hesitate to participate in and take the lead to help, this also makes sharing and giving the greatest enjoyment for Advantechers.

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