A manufacturing execution system (MES) is a manufacturing information and visualization solution that streamlines manufacturing processes, provides real-time feedback of changing requirements, and displays information at a single source. Advantech offers MES solutions that comprise a digital worksheet signage system, in-house information system, and the Andon Alarm System.

The digital worksheet signage system allows factory workers to easily prioritize tasks and check the required components and procedures using the integrated high-resolution widescreen touch terminals. All relevant instructions, drawings, and part lists are clearly displayed onscreen. Combined with a mobile cart, the digital worksheet signage system can be used as a mobile workstation for increased flexibility. The in-house information system can be linked to all information terminals and large display screens throughout the factory for communicating in-house reports and employee notices. Each assembly cell is equipped with a touchscreen computer featuring an alarm button. If a production-related issue that cannot be resolved without assistance should occur, workers must press the alarm button to access a selection menu of standard error notification messages. All active Andon alarms are also shown on the display screen.