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5G Sub 6 module, M.2 3052 Key B form factor, USB interface

  • Main Chipset Qualcomm SDX55
  • Max UL peak rate of 900Mbps
  • Max DL peak rate 2.5 Gbps NR Sub6 EN-DC
  • UL Max support 2 MIMO, DL Max support 4 MIMO
  • M.2 3052 form factor, USB interface
  • Operating temperature: Normal operating temperature: -30 ~ 75 °C (-22 ~ 167 °F)
  • AIW-355 DQ-E01: 5G(Sub-6G)/LTE/WCDMA module, with GNSS, for EU
  • AIW-355 DQ-N01: 5G(Sub-6G)/LTE/WCDMA module, with GNSS, for US
  • AIW-355 DQ-C01: 5G(Sub-6G)/LTE/WCDMA module, with GNSS, for China
Advantech AIW-355 is a highly integrated 5G WWAN module that uses a M.2 form-factor interface, and supports 5G NR SUB6/LTE FDD/LTE TDD/WCDMA.

Product Specifications Download Spec

  • 5G
  • Main Chipset
  • size
  • SIM slot
  • Downlink/ Uplink
  • Operating Temperature


  • 5G

    AIW-355DQ-E01 Sub 6
    AIW-355DQ-N01 Sub 6
    AIW-355DQ-C01 Sub 6
  • Main Chipset

    AIW-355DQ-E01 Qualcom SDX55
    AIW-355DQ-N01 Qualcom SDX55
    AIW-355DQ-C01 Qualcom SDX55
  • size

    AIW-355DQ-E01 M.2 3052 Key-B
    AIW-355DQ-N01 M.2 3052 Key-B
    AIW-355DQ-C01 M.2 3052 Key-B
  • SIM slot

    AIW-355DQ-E01 without SIM solt
    AIW-355DQ-N01 without SIM solt
    AIW-355DQ-C01 without SIM solt
  • Downlink/ Uplink

    AIW-355DQ-E01 2.5 Gbps/ 900Mbps
    AIW-355DQ-N01 2.5 Gbps/ 900Mbps
    AIW-355DQ-C01 2.5 Gbps/ 900Mbps
  • Operating Temperature

    AIW-355DQ-E01 -30 to +75°C
    AIW-355DQ-N01 -30 to +75°C
    AIW-355DQ-C01 -30 to +75°C

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