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Allxon Offers BSP OTA Updates for Devices Deployed at Scale with Hardware Partner Advantech


Allxon, an industry-first in providing SaaS solutions for efficient remote edge device management, announces Advantech as its first hardware partner for enabling over-the-air (OTA) updates via Allxon Portal for their solutions powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ edge AI platform.

Allxon makes it easy for hardware manufacturers to generate board support packages (BSPs) for service integrators (SIs) to update OTA payload packages via Allxon Portal. With Allxon, independent hardware vendors (IHVs) and SIs can easily tackle the challenges of managing and mass deploying image payloads onto fleets of edge devices, while instantly re-gaining remote manageability after BSP version updates.

As a customer-focused ecosystem bonder of the AI/IoT industry, Allxon enables BSP OTA updates on its single unified platform without the need for IHVs or SIs to set up an OTA server. IHVs can simply prepare the BSP and upload it onto Allxon Cloud. SIs can then remotely trigger the update via Allxon Portal to ensure fleets of edge devices update uninterruptedly and run on the latest BSP version.

In alliance with Advantech, the global leader of industrial AIoT solutions, the Allxon Enterprise Agent comes verified and preinstalled in Advantech’s solution powered by NVIDIA Jetson edge AI modules — the MIC-AI series — to tackle the challenges of BSP updates at scale. After BSP updates have been triggered on Allxon Portal and mass deployed to thousands of edge devices in the field, the devices will automatically resume their original services and operations. Service providers can also instantly regain remote device management access, with all device configurations and settings automatically restored. 

The Advantech MIC-AI series consists of industrial edge AI systems embedded with NVIDIA Jetson platforms. In an effort to meet the needs of AI developers in various industries, the MIC-AI series provides flexible I/O, varied peripherals, and accommodation for BSPs. NVIDIA Jetson’s high computing power brings increased interest in deploying edge AI in smart manufacturing and city infrastructure, which also brings up the challenges of managing AI devices at scale. Compared to x86-based systems, OTA functions in Arm-based systems face obstacles of software integration. With Allxon’s preinstalled script, businesses can easily achieve BSP OTA updates in the Advantech MIC-AI series.

Allxon Cloud is a fully encrypted network system with robust and secure communication channels to ensure all payload packages being transferred are securely handled from the cloud to the edge nodes. Allxon Cyber Security at the Edge can also reinforce cyber security on site to provide multi-layered protection.

As an industry-leading provider of powerful remote device management solutions at scale, Allxon provides an effortless BSP OTA update solution for the Advantech MIC-AI NVIDIA Jetson-based platforms, so that businesses can continue to operate safely, seamlessly, and uninterruptedly.