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Machine Automation

Advantech Machine Automation offers application ready platform for various automation control solutions such as motion control, embedded systems and others industrial automation applications. The Motion Controller could be widely applied in the SMT/PCB, semiconductor, LCD manufacturing industries, and other machine automation applications. For centralized motion control solutions, Advantech's multi-axis motion control card, PC-based controller and embedded system controller can be installed.

Product Categories

  • Vision System

    Advantech machine vision is a fully integrated vision system in this all-in-one smart camera format platform.

  • Centralized Motion Control Card

    Centralized motion control solutions include 4-axis, 6-axis, 8-axis motion control cards and embedded motion controller, utilizing a high-performance DSP to calculate the motion trajectories and FPGA to process critical motionI/O. The kernel on DSP is the one of SoftMotion built by Advantech. All motion control PCI cards support common motion API for easy integration or machine upgrade.

    • Centralized Motion Control

      Centralized motion control cards vary from point-to-point motion control, to economic linear/circular interpolation for application-specific use.
    • Accessories

      A DIN-rail terminal board is a wiring board with dedicated connectors for the motors of Panasonic Minas A series, Mitsubishi MR-J2S series and Yaskawa Sigma 2 series. This terminal board can save time and effort of wiring. Each ADAM-3900 series wiring board features DIN-rail mounting terminals and consists of universal screw terminal modules designed for field signal wiring in industrial applications.
  • Frame Grabber

    Advantech machine vision is a fully integrated vision system in a compact D39 smart camera format.Our USB Frame Grabber designed for connecting USB industrial cameras in machine vision, factory automation, and medical applications, moreover, the GigE Frame Grabber allows power to be supplied to connected devices, such as PoE-based GigE cameras in machine vision inspection systems.

  • EtherCAT Motion Control Card

    Advantech offers a range of distributed motion control solutions that include its proprietary motion control network, AMONet and EtherCAT solutions.

    • EtherCAT MDevice Cards

      Advantech EtherCAT motion control PCI and PCIe MainDevice cards enable the precise synchronization of multiple axes and high-speed data transmissions.
    • EtherCAT Server Modules

      Advantech offers a variety of distributed I/O and motion control EtherCAT modules, such as isolated digital input, isolated digital output, photoMOS relay output, relay contact, analog input/output, pulse output, and junction modules to satisfy diverse control application needs.
    • AMONet

      AMONet (Advantech Motion Network) RS-485 series of distributed motion control products are categorized as SubDevice Modules and MDevice Cards.
  • Real-Time Motion Controller

    Advantech provides two types of motion controller, PC-based and ARM-based controller.

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  • EtherCAT Control I/O Solutions

    EtherCAT Control I/O Solutions

    In recent years, EtherCAT has become the main protocol for automation control due to its rapid communication cycles, flexible topology, and distributed architecture. Building on those advantages, Advantech’s EtherCAT master/slave modules combine hardware and software to enable time-dependent data collection and local aggregation.