We believe, "Education is the foundation for national development". Children's education is especially the driver for social progress. Advantech Foundation has spared no effort to develop and sponsor basic education. "ACT 100 Diverse and Lively Teaching" initiated by former CEO Mr. Zhihua Su uses creative thought and learning methods like: "Integrating elements of drama into teaching", and "Diverse creative and active learning" as the goals, and he encourages staff to change and teach with innovation. This has benefited numerous teachers and students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and other Chinese educational circles.

With our great support, over the past 20 years "ACT 100" (Active Creating Teaching 100) group has been committed to the nurturing of storytelling volunteers, in order to help parents become better child mentors and learning partners through story telling. We hope stories can open children’s hearts and minds, and create dream like worlds for them. Through lively and creative drama activities, we transform static reading into dynamic storytelling, thus making it fun for kids and making the interaction between parents and children more intimate.

ACT encourages and helps parents grow and transform themselves, and share their experiences with other members, volunteering and expanding individual reading interests. Family reading will make them enjoy reading for a lifetime. We hope these efforts will contribute to the innovative transformation of education.

The ACT volunteering plan is conducted through well-planned courses and complete campus volunteer tour activities. The graduated trainees will join in campus services, including class adoption, reading club, story drama performance, activity organization assistance, and others. Advantech story volunteers are committed to lifelong learning, and implanting diverse and lively strengths for education through reading. The volunteers will help parents and children grow together with love and promote interaction between teachers and children in the schools.

Over the past 20 years, there have been thousands of parents who have attended Advantech's story telling volunteering courses, and our volunteer groups have visited numerous schools and communities in Taiwan. With the intention of doing something positive for children, Advantech story telling parents never forget self-growth and selfless active contribution.

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