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Configurable System

Advantech Modular HMI allows the computing box module to be interchangeably combined with the different sizes display modules for specific application

Facing the globally growing demands for real-time processing in the heavily data-driven applications in the ever-changing Industry 4.0 era, Advantech’s Modular TPC series provides not only a flexible industrial HMI solution lineup with security to meet your HMI expectations in every aspect, but an utmost industrial panel PC solution with the introduction of the whole new TPC-B610, powered by Intel 10th Gen. Processor, wielding a great PCIe x16 expansion capability, safely securing your leading pace by its desktop performance and fanless design.

New Premium Panel PC - TPC-B610

Intel 10th Gen. Core i

Powered by Intel 10th Gen. Core i Socket (LGA1200) Desktop Processor, 64GB RAM supported, delivering ultra computing performance.

Bountiful Expansion

Comprehensive expansion possibilities, PCIe x16, 6 x USB, M.2, 5G, iDoor technology with 100+ assembly possibilities, fulfilling true IIoT demands.

Fanless Design

Industry’s first desktop performance panel PC with fanless design, guaranteeing no dirt, noise, dust issues over the lifespan, providing genuine reliability.

Modular Desktop Performance Touch Panel PC with Fanless Design

Modular Desktop Performance Touch Panel PC with Fanless Design

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