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Advantech Offers Customized Power Supply Design-in Services & Solutions


PSU (Power Supply Unit) is one of the key components in each system configuration when considering the AC/DC power source, as different applications and configurations, application environments, safety certificates, and PMBus support requires different product offerings.

Advantech offers many types of power supplies including open frame, adapters, DIN-Rail, ATX, and redundant power. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help our customers select from among more than 300 standard products and we can also modify, customize, or even design an entirely new power supply to fulfill user application parameters.

There are two modification processes for design-in procedures: light modification and plus modification. Light modification is mainly for system configuration requirements and chassis fitment. Aside from modifications on the hardware side, the power supply unit can also be modified for firmware and application changes.

Light Modification: Hardware Configuration

  • Wire harness: (1) change wire harness length, (2) change/add connectors, (3) add /remove wire harness
  • Light hardware modification: (1) change PSU case coating/material, (2) change brackets for chassis firment, (3) add power cord lock to secure power cord, (4) mute PSU alarm or add alarm
  • Private brand: (1) copy report, (2) multiple listings, (3) private label packaging

Plus Modification: Firmware and Applications

  • PMBus: add more features to provide more PSU status to the system
  • Applications: (1) adjust OTP for high temperature applications, (2) lower noise acoustic performance, (3) increase hold-up time, (4) different power source input, (5) output adjustment
  • Plus hardware modification: (1) change PSU dimension, (2) change PSU layout

Case Study: Mechanical & Product Specification Modification 

Advantech cooperated with an American EMS customer to customize a redundant power supply for NGFW (next-generation firewall). The customization included mechanical and product specification modification as well as adding the NBES Level 3, Criteria A. Moreover, Advantech provided the sample product in only six months, demonstrating our capacity to rapidly provide customized power supplies that assist customers in reducing engineering and manufacturing costs while speeding up the time to market.

Case Sharing: Application Modification

Requiring 110Vdc power supplies is very common in specific applications like substations. Based on our experience in power supply solutions, Advantech is capable of offering different form factors of power supplies for different applications. For example: in 110Vdc power supplies, DIN-Rail, ATX, and mini redundant power supplies feature in Advantech’s standard product listings. Advantech utilizes its resources to offer and recommend suitable products accordingly.

The Benefits of Advantech's Power Supply Design-in Services and Solutions

  • Quickness: Short turnaround time for basic hardware modifications
  • Flexibility: Flexible modification for a variety of applications
  • Verification: Double product verification on all modifications
  • Coordination: Leverage Advantech’s buying power and vender resources
  • Compatibility: Engineering support during product compatibility testing