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Enterprise-Grade Peripherals Ensure Higher Efficiency and Reliability for Server Systems


With users demanding increasing functionality from their server systems, Advantech’s phase-in enterprise-grade peripherals, such as its NVME SSD, DDR4 registered DIMM, common redundant power supply (CRPS), and Intel® Xeon® CPU, offer an optimal mixture of efficiency, reliability, high-bandwidth, and powerful performance.

NVME SSD: High Performance with Power Loss Detection

Within seconds of first access, enterprise SSDs are optimized for peak performance. The inclusion of a larger over-provisioned buffer allows enterprise SSDs to provide consistently high performance over extended periods of time. Enterprise SSDs are also equipped with additional circuits for power loss detection to maintain tantalum capacitors on the SSDs. These tantalum capacitors provide extra time for data to be written to SSDs in the event of unexpected system power downs. In scenarios where data loss is unacceptable, power fail protection circuitry is typically required for server applications.

Furthermore, unlike client-class SSDs that operate for only eight hours per weekday, enterprise-class SSDs must be able to cope with heavy read and write loads to ensure 24/7 server access.

DDR4 Server DIMM: Improved Efficiency, Bandwidth, and Performance

Server memory allows servers to read and write information being accessed from storage by the device. The more memory available, the more actions can be read, written, and performed by a server. At the DDR4 interface level, new equalization techniques have enabled higher performance speeds. Meanwhile, expanded DRAM capacities combined with increased bandwidth have facilitated the development of high-performance computing and storage systems.

Advantech has adopted Micron and ATP’s server product lines and secured validation for the Intel® Purley platform, which supports the newly released Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Server premier DDR4-2666 MHz registered DIMMs are available in 8/16/32 GB kits and are compatible with the latest server architecture,  providing significantly enhanced performance for memory-intensive server applications.

CRPS: Standardized Specifications and Increased Design Efficiency

Since Intel defined a new standard of RPSU form factors called CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supplies), server suppliers have been able to provide modularized system design and integration by upgrading the power capacity according to various application requirements. Because significant technological evolution occurs over several product generations, the current mainstream specifications (300 ~ 2200W) adhere to a standardized design format that ensures efficient and convenient design.

Advantech incorporates CRPS power units in its products designed for system applications; for example, 300 ~ 800W models for telecom applications and 800 ~ 2000W for storage and GPU server applications. Compared with previous redundant power supplies, Advantech’s latest power solutions are not only competitively priced, but also feature a modular design and enable efficient supply chain planning. By Q1 of 2019, Advantech plans to phase-in compact CRPS units with a maximum wattage of 2200W for 2U 4-node servers.

Recommend Product Offerings

NVME M.2 2280 Flash Drive (0~70°C) 3D TLC

  • 96FD80-P256-LIS / LITE-ON M.2 2280 256GB PCI-E Gen3x4 TLC SSD
  • 96FD80-P512-LIS / LITE-ON M.2 2280 512GB PCI-E Gen3x4 TLC SSD
  • 96FD80-P1TB-LIS / LITE-ON M.2 2280 1TB PCI-E Gen3x4 TLC SSD

NVME U.2 Flash Drive 3D TLC

Micron DDR4 2666 Registered DIMM

ATP DDR4 2666 Registered ECC DIMM

Advantech’s CRPS Power Supply Application List

  • Firewall: FWA-4030 / 96PSRM-A300WCRN / AC Module / 300W
  • Video: VEGA-7010 / 96PSRM-A550WCRPR / AC Module / 550W 
  • Storage: HPC-8224SE / 96PSR-A800WCR / RPSU / 800W
  • Storage: HPC-8424SE / 96PSR-A800WCR / RPSU / 800W
  • Networking: FWA-6170 / 96PSRM-A850WCRP / AC Module / 850W
  • Networking: FWA-6170 / 96PSRM-A1K2WCR / AC Module / 1200W
  • Networking: HPC-7483 / 96PSRM-A1K2WCR / AC Module / 1200W
  • High Performance: HPC-7483 / 96PSRM-A1K8WCR / AC Module / 1800W
  • GPU Server: SKY-6400 / 96PSRM-A2KWCRP / AC Module / 2000W
  • Telecom: SKY-8211 / 96PSRM-D800WWCRPR / DC Module / 800W
  • Telecom: PAC-4010PP1-DCE / XPAC4010-D48S1800A / DC Module / 1800W