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Advantech Releases One-for-All Power Solutions - USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Adapters


USB Power Delivery (PD) is a revolutionized breakthrough standard designed to meet the growing demand for reliable one-for-all power supply by consolidated USB-C interface and dynamic power allocation with adjusted voltage. In the past, integrating different connector interfaces and voltages challenged hardware design—different industrial devices each needed to be charged by a single dedicated AC adapter regardless of connector interface, wattage, and output voltage.  

The USB Power Delivery (PD) adapter allows for delivery of power up to 100W through a single cable for a more broad variety of industrial machines and devices—ranging from retail electronics and portable devices to tablets and monitors. The intelligent design supports automatic sensing and switching between multiple output voltages of 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V for different types of devices.

Benefit of Power Delivery

  • Increased power levels from existing USB standards up to 100W 
  • Power direction is no longer fixed: This enables the product with the power (host or peripheral) to provide the power 
  • Optimize power management across multiple peripherals by allowing each device to only draw the power it requires and to get more power when required for a given application 
  • Intelligent and flexible system level management of power via optional hub communication with the PC

The USB Power Delivery (PD) adapter will significantly change the way power is delivered and maximize the benefits of one-for-all power solutions—for both manufacturers and end-use.

Advantech is pleased to release two wall-mount 45W USB PD adapters, with US and UK plugs, certified with multinational safety certificates: IEC 62368-1 UL/CB/FCC/CE/BSMI/PSB. We provide a three year warranty to guarantee product quality and longevity for diverse industrial applications.

Recommended Product Offerings

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  • PSA-A45WM-E / Advantech Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 45W Power Delivery (UK Plug Type)