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Challenges in Edge Computing Growth


A global edge computing market report indicates that the market for multi-access edge computers supported by virtualized servers will grow to USD $127 million by 2025. The explosion of Edge computing and IoT will increase the need for new data storage servers at the local level; creating opportunities for businesses in every sector. This opportunity is not without challenges related to information security, data center power consumption, and harsh industrial environments.

Edge Computing Optimizes Data Driven Capabilities

Edge computing brings data storage and data analysis closer to where it is needed. This dramatically reduces response times, latency problems, and reduces demands on bandwidth. Lower latency is vitally important in the automation industry, where the difference between a few hundred milliseconds and one millisecond has a direct affect on passenger safety. Using Edge computing reduces the need to send data to the cloud for processing, yielding near instantaneous results. Likewise, edge devices are capable of making decisions offline by avoiding data transfers to the cloud.

Edge systems function in the event of a cloud system failure and in areas with poor or unreliable wireless connectivity. Correspondingly, autonomous vehicles are one of many fields increasing the demand for edge computing solutions. Edge computing requires specific solutions adaptable to the diverse challenges presented by smart warehouse/automated traffic management, health applications, and air pollution monitoring.

Success Factors in Edge Storage — Capacity, Scalability, Security, and Speed

Storage technology must advance to meet these challenges. Indeed, optimized storage capacity, faster IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second), enterprise level AES-256 hardware encryption, and more effective compression are necessary. The development of 3D TLC NAND with higher performance, capacity, and scalability; as well as reliable flash technology is being used to address these concerns. Even a simple transition from traditional SATA HDDs to enterprise SSDs can yield a dramatic impact on power usage and information security.

Advantech is leveraging Micron 5300 SSD for applications in data centers. This solution features 96-layer 3D TLC NAND for high capacity, power-loss protection, and data center-grade path protection. It also provides optional TCG Opal 2.0, TCG Enterprise, and AES 256-bit encryption, for excellent data security. This solution optimizes drive performance for media streaming, business analytics, OLTP, and block/object storage while delivering enhanced endurance.

Edge computers located in remote environments may encounter issues related to power availability and durability. Advantech’s rigorously tested solutions deliver wide temperature operation as well as high durability via anti-vulcanization technology. Advantech AQD industrial-grade memory delivers high performance with advanced protection to AI edge devices that operate in harsh outdoor/industrial environments.

Advantech strives to put customers’ needs first and does not rush to produce cheap versions of innovative products. We strongly consider the relevance of ecosystem in the context of business development. For example, customers are encouraged to determine their individual SSD investment needs. There are many available options, each optimized for different purposes. Considering this, research is paramount to success. Advantech strives to know what customers are buying, and what these solutions facilitate. Our products should be seen an optimizer — not as a cost.

Advantech has the IoT knowledge, and longevity support to enable Edge systems and enterprises to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of edge computing.

Recommended SSD Products

Recommended DRAM Products

  • 96D4-8G2933ER-MI / Micron 8G DDR4-2933 288Pin 1GX8 1.2V Registered
  • 96D4-16G2933ER-MI / Micron 16G DDR4-2933 288Pin 2GX4 1.2V Registered
  • 96D4-32G2933ER-MI / Micron 32G DDR4-2933 288Pin 2GX4 1.2V Registered
  • AQD-D4U8GR32-SE / Advantech 8GB DDR4-3200 1GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • AQD-D4U16GR32-SE / Advantech 16GB DDR4-3200 1GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • AQD-D4U32GR32-SB / Advantech 32GB DDR4-3200 2GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • AQD-D4U8GR32-SEW / Advantech Wide Temp 8GB DDR4-3200 1GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • AQD-D4U16GR32-SEW / Advantech Wide Temp 16GB DDR4-3200 1GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • AQD-D4U32GR32-SBW / Advantech Wide Temp 32GB DDR4-3200 2GX8 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip