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Advantech Fuses Innovative Technologies and Leads Ecosystem Partners to Accelerate MaaS Development


Advantech Fuses Innovative Technologiesand Leads Ecosystem Partners to Accelerate MaaS Development

To achieve safe, efficient, and sustain able mobility, while also reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions, many countries have implemented policies in regards to intelligent transport systems (ITS). Over the last two decades, IT Shave evolved alongside advancements in IoT,AI, data computing, and telecommunications,paving the way for more innovative transport and traffic management solutions. Moreover, by connecting vehicles, traffic systems, toll systems,and other infrastructure into highly integrated transport networks, these technologies will contribute to achieving the goal of mobility-as-a service (MaaS).

Advantech is a long-standing provider of in-vehicle and roadside transport and traffic management solutions. Mr. Van Lin, Senior Director of Advantech’s Service IoT Group, asserted that “the scope of both ITS and MaaS is very broad, involving many stakeholders. At the moment, our focus is inland transport. With information technology for public transport (ITxPT),V2X, edge AI, and 5G continuing to mature, we have developed a range of total solutions aimed at traffic flow analysis, smart traffic management,violation detection, fleet management,eBus transport, and electronic toll collection. All of these solutions leverage edge AI inference technology and visual recognition algorithms to collect, analyze, and transform metadata, so that insightful data can be transmitted to the cloud server via 5G.” Advantech’s solutions are designed to help transport agencies, operators,road users, and passengers make safer and smarter use of transport networks as we move away from personally-owned modes of transportation towards MaaS.

Improved passenger experience and safety with integrated ecosystems

In the total solution ecosystem,Advantech takes a leading role in the provision of reliable and compatible total solutions. These include integrated sensors, electric vehicle power trains,IP cameras, and high resolution LIDAR sensors for robotics and autonomous vehicles amongst many others. For the recent Vin Bus project, all necessary features and functions, such as fleet safety management, passenger information broadcasts, driver behavior management, and battery management, were implemented via Advantech’s TREK eBus solution. It utilizes edge AI computing with an in-vehicle computers, intelligent camera ADAS, industrial communication system, and advertisement system.

“To improve the passenger experience and safety, support from various ecosystems is critical. We considered the needs of every ecosystem and developed a robust, reliable, yet flexible solution that can be easily installed by localvendors,” said Mr. Lin. He further highlighted that a high-quality installation can minimize signal loss and transmission latency, which have a crucial impact on real-time monitoring and edge AI computing. To ensure local vendors could easily perform high-quality installations,all components, even those as insignificant as connectors and cables, were supplied by Advantech’s trusted ecosystem partners.

In recent years, Advantech has transformed into an application-oriented solutions provider,encouraging partners to move towards a SaaS business model. At the company headquarters,regional business units have adopted a more vertical and industry-specific approach for developing new solutions. This approach allows Advantech to create solutions that target most functions and peripherals. Furthermore, the open and flexible structure of Advantech’s hardware and software platforms enables local SIs to continue developing solutions in the future.

Innovative solutions strengthen prospects for MaaS

Mr. Lin emphasized that safety and reliability are the most important considerations for transportation and traffic management. Undoubtedly,AI-powered solutions are superior for executing traffic light management, lane-departure correction,and collision avoidance tasks. Although there is always a risk of hardware failures and software errors occurring, AI-powered solutions have the potential to reduce traffic accidents,making roads safer for everyone. However, as smart solutions are increasingly implemented in vehicles and transport infrastructure, the responsibilities of drivers, operators, and systems need to be carefully defined.

Accordingly, policy-level support is vital to the development and deployment of AI-powered transport solutions. In many countries, legislation and insurance policies continue to lag behind technological advancements. Nevertheless, the global trend for utilizing ITxPT, V2X, edge AI, and 5G technologies is becoming more evident, with many governments expecting these solutions to boost MaaS development. As a leading transport and traffic solutions provider, Advantech will continue collaborating with ecosystem partners to create more sophisticated solutions for specific vertical markets and support transport agencies, operators, and drivers with delivering intelligent transportation.