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Advantech’s EPC-T3288E Facilitates an AI-driven AR Mirror with Outstanding Computing Performance


Industry Landscape

Offline stores need to transform rapidly to keep up with the growing online market. To bring back customers, the fashion industry is trying to deliver interactive experiences which can’t be achieved in e-commerce by leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) and AI. AI-driven virtual try-on and fashion styling solutions can enhance shopping experiences, drive customer engagement and improve customer flow.


Fashion brands and retailers who have introduced the virtual fitting room to their stores have been allowing customers to try on clothes and accessories virtually. To facilitate such awe-inspiring immersive experiences, solution developers need to integrate technologies like machine vision, gesture-detecting equipment, as well as AR and AI-based software to develop virtual try-on and other styling solutions. They have also used technology to upgrade their in-store service flows. 

However, to ensure that streamlined services are always available without any time lag, a performance-oriented computer with a large high-resolution display has become necessary. It is also important to ensure that the high-tech equipment fits well into various types of store designs without compromising aesthetics. 


In response to a fashion brand’s request, Advantech’s SI partner who specializes in smart retail solutions developed a VR mirror. It’s an AI-driven virtual try-on and fashion styling solution, which comprises a tall and wide dressing mirror with a 4K display, a sleek frame design, a Kinect sensor recognition camera, a 2D/3D barcode scanner and Advantech’s EPC-T3288E 1U slim format embedded computer. 

AI-driven AR mirror helps customers find the best look 

The hidden camera scans the customer’s body and recommends clothing items after recognizing facial features which can distinguish attributes such as gender, age, and mood. By detecting a customer’s body movements accurately, the customer can freely interact with the mirror and virtually try on recommended clothes or accessories. Based on the customer’s selections, the AR mirror will present items to try on. It allows customers to check how they look in various outfits in a short time without the need for a fitting room or attention from a clerk. 

Advantech’s EPC-T3288E offers a compact design without compromising computing performance 

The EPC-T3288E used in this project features a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor integrated with a NVIDIA® Quadro® Embedded T1000 GPU. Featuring 896 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory, the T1000 GPU supports multi-app workflows and high-resolution displays. It is the perfect visual computing platform for this AI-driven VR mirror. In addition, the EPC-T3288E has DDR5 memory, an NVMe SSD, and PCIe Gen5 to deliver superior throughput and next-generation connectivity. It seamlessly coordinates add-ons such as the camera and the Kinect sensor to deliver smooth real-time user interaction. It has a small footprint to fit into a sleek frame and is also the best combination of computing performance and efficiency. 

Additionally, with Advantech’s WISE-DeviceOn software built-in, the EPC-T3288E allows remote device monitoring and updating, as well as predictive maintenance. Even if it is installed at a somewhat inaccessible location, updates and maintenance can be done remotely without interrupting store operation. With the WISE-DeviceOn software, a fashion brand can easily manage all the AR mirrors in all the stores. 

With more people relying on e-commerce for fashion items, the AR mirror is a fantastic approach to attract new customers to stores and engage with existing customers. It also improves in-store experiences by offering virtual try-ons and reducing fitting room queues. 

  • NVIDIA® Quadro® Embedded T1000 GPU for multi-app workflows and high-resolution displays     
  • 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor for computing performance and efficiency 
  • DDR5 memory, NVMe SSD, and PCIe Gen5 delivering superior speed and connectivity